Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF)

Title: Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF)
Author: Delis, D.C.
Year: 2012
Description: The Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF) is a behavior rating scale designed to assess behaviors that may reflect difficulties with executive functioning. There are three rating forms: Parent, Teacher, Self. The parent and teacher rating forms may be used to rate children/adolescence ages 5-18, while the Self Rating Form is for children/adolescents ages 11-18. Completion of the scales requires a fourth grade reading level. Each form has 36 questions to be answered by the rater. After the 36 items are completed, the rater may also select 5 behaviors that are most stressful for the child.

  • The assessment can be administered via on screen administration (remote or local) or paper and pencil.
  • The following reports are available: Individual Score Report, Multi-Rater Score Report, and Progress Report.
Age Range: Ages 5 to 18 Years Old
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 2 Complete Kits

  • 2 Manuals
  • 2 D-Ref Delis Rating of Executive Functions: About the D-REF
  • 10 D-REF: Record Form-Parent @ $1.00
  • 10 D-REF: Record Form-Self @ $1.00
  • 10 D-REF: Record Form-Teacher @ $1.00
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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