Coping Power: Child Group Program (“Treatments that Work” Series)

Title: Coping Power: Child Group Program (“Treatments that Work” Series)
Author: Lochman, J.E., Wells, J.C., & Lenhart, L.A.
Year: 2008
Description: Coping Power: Child Group Program – Facilitator Guide & Workbook provide step-by-step detailed procedures for assessing and treating specific problems and diagnoses. This evidence-based behavioral intervention program for pre-adolescent children. The Coping Power Program involves an intervention with aggressive children and a simultaneous program for their parents, to increase positive motivations at home as well as at school. The Child Group facilitator guide is designed to help teach children how to recognize their feelings and display them appropriately without resorting to aggressive behaviors. Sample dialogues, lists of materials needed, ideas for group activities, sample role-plays, and homework assignments for use with the Coping Power Program in a school setting.

The corresponding workbook for children includes worksheets and monitoring forms to track progress and reinforce the skills learned in the group sessions.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual and Group

1 Complete Kit

  • 1 Facilitator guide (Child Group) @ $ 50.00 ea
  • 8 Workbooks @ $ 9.00 ea
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Personality
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