Cloud Printing @ York

How To Print Directly From Your Laptop

Hi wonderful Hebblab users! If you didn’t already know, you are able to directly print from any laptop or computer, even if it’s not directly connected to the York University printer network. As long as you have an internet connection you can connect to any printer at York through WebPrint (even with that shiny new MacBook of yours) and send your task. Keep in mind that once your task goes through you still have to release and pay for them as usual at designated print release stations (in BSB 162 in the Hebb Computer Lab for B/W copies)

Instructions for using WebPrint

  1. From your computing device (laptop, smartphone) go to the link above
  2. Login with your Passport York account
  3. Click on Submit a job
  4. Choose the appropriate printer from the list
  5. Click on Print Options and Accounts Selection
  6. Type in the number of copies of the print job then click on Upload & Complete
  7. Then click on Browse to upload the file you want to print
  8. Click Upload & Complete
  9. After which you will be to release the print job from the printer. There will be information available at the release stations on how to release the print jobs.

How do I get help?


  • Internet Explorer 7 – 9, Mozilla Firefox 3 and above, Apple Safari and Google Chrome

Known Issues

  • WebPrint service will reject jobs that are protected with a password. In such case, users are required to print password-protected documents via desktop printing where they will be properly prompted for password input.
  • WebPrint does not accept jobs that prompt for user intervention such as forms that prompt and remind user to sign a printed document. Those types of jobs have to be submitted via the regular desktop printing. Examples are tax forms, benefits forms, insurance forms, medical forms, etc.
  • If you select multiple pages to be printed on a single sheet or side, always check when releasing your print job and be aware of how many pages you will be charged.
  • Some software applications are compatible with the printing system (e.g. 4 pages on 1 page/sheet will be the cost of 1 page/sheet i.e. only 10¢); while other software applications are not compatible with the printing system (e.g. 4 pages on 1 page/sheet will be the cost of 4 pages i.e. 40¢).
  • As tested, some versions of Safari 5.0x may be incompatible. Please use Safari 6 or an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Clients may encounter problems when trying to print from a web page or pdfs directly from within a browser (without saving the file and printing from a PDF reading application). It is recommended that clients download the .pdf file, open it an an application such as Adobe Acrobat and print from with the application.
  • Specific pages cannot be printed through WebPrint directly without printing the whole document. For e.g one cannot print only 3-5 pages of a 10 page document directly. To get around this one can save the specific pages they want to print in a separate document, upload that document to WebPrint and then print.

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