Circulation Policies

Who can use the PRC?

The PRC mandate is to provide valuable resources, services and assistance to York psychology fourth-year undergraduates, graduate students and departmental faculty members for teaching, for psychological assessment(s) and for research purposes.

Graduate students / YUPC users please refer to this Checklist.
Undergraduate students please refer to this Checklist.

PRC Borrowers’ Code

  • Users’ are financially responsible for loss / damage that occurs while material is checked out by and/ or used by them.
  • Always complete the “Test Kit Checklistbefore leaving the PRC. Please inform PRC staff of any missing or damaged items.
  • Borrowers may not write in books, turn down page corners, or use “post-it”-type notes/flags.

    The complete code can be accessed here.


  • 4000, 4001, 4170, 4175, 4180 and other undergraduate students may be able to access material in the PRC and/or purchase protocols of tests they obtain permission from their Course Director’s via email or in writing. See Checklist for more details.


  • Current graduate students, departmental faculty members and YUPC members are eligible to borrow materials.
  • LAPTOP/iPad – hourly blocks – typically 2 hour maximum (exceptions by special arrangement). All laptop/iPad borrowers must complete a “Laptop/iPad Loan Agreement” on initial loan.
  • Resources are subject to recall from any borrower. Recalled material is due back in the PRC within 24 hours.
  • Reference books do NOT circulate except by special arrangement.
  • Major / Minor Area Papers & Undergraduate Honours Theses do NOT circulate and CANNOT be photocopied. They must be reviewed in the Centre.
  • Reserve and designated course materials may be assigned different Loan Periods.
  • Arrangements can be made to borrow some high-use, short-term loans, and Reference resources overnight or on the weekend within one hour of closing and such loans are due the next business day within one hour of opening.
  • Please be sure to complete the “Test Kit Checklist” provided before leaving the PRC to alert PRC staff to missing or damaged parts. Refer to “PRC Borrowers Code ” .


  • To renew items:
  • You may be unable to renew items if:
    • Another borrower has reserved the item.
    • Renewals are accommodated on condition that if another user subsequently requests the item(s), it (they) will be returned within 24 hours of recall.
    • It is required in a course.


  • Reservations can be made by current graduate students; departmental faculty members and for the YUPC.
  • Borrowing priority is given to faculty and students who require the resource(s) for course use. Loan periods may be amended during the academic term(s) that these resources are being used (e.g. WISCs, WIATs, WAISs, tests etc.)
  • Resources required for completion of Assessments will take precedence over Practice or other requirements.
  • Borrowing priority is 1) Assessments 2) Presentations 3) Marking 4) Practice 5) Other


  • All loans are subject to recall.
  • Borrowers have 24 hours to return the item(s)

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