Child and Adolescent Memory Profile (ChAMP) kit

Title: Child and Adolescent Memory Profile (ChAMP) kit
Author: Sherman, E.M.S. & Brooks, B.L.
Year: 2015
Description: The Child and Adolescent Memory Profile (ChAMP) is a norm-referenced test of memory and learning for children, adolescents, and young adults ages 5 through 21 years. It can be used as both a memory screening tool and an in-depth memory evaluation. It also can be given to persons with motor impairments, and selected subtests can be given to persons with vision and hearing impairments. The primary features of the ChAMP are described as follows: The test (a) is brief, easy to administer and learn, and interesting to examinees; (b) provides a Total Memory Index, a Verbal Memory Index, a Visual Memory Index, an Immediate Memory Index, a Delayed Memory Index, and a Screening Index; (c) allows analysis of base rate of low scores and reliable change scores; and (d) includes a validity indicator. The ChAMP allows coverage of verbal and visual domains with only a few subtests, and each subtest contains multiple learning trials designed to assess learning. The test authors state that the measure is realistic and ecologically valid due to the use of common, real-life scenarios. The ChAMP kit consists of a professional manual, fast guide, stimulus book, and examiner forms.

The ChAMP consists of four primary subtests: two measuring verbal memory and two measuring visual memory. These four subtests combine to yield an overall score, the Total Memory Index. Each of these subtests has a delayed trial, and the verbal subtests also have a recognition trial, producing a total of 10 subtests: Lists, Lists Delayed, Lists Recognition, Instructions, Instructions Delayed, Instructions Recognition, Objects, Objects Delayed, Places, and Places Delayed. Combinations of these subtest scores generate index scores for verbal and visual memory, immediate memory, and delayed memory.

Scoring options are hand-scoring or via  ChAMP Scoring PARiConnect.

Age Range: Both Children and Young Adults
Administration: Individual
  • 1 Complete Kit
    • 1 Professional Manual @ $ 180.00
    • 1 Fast Guide @ – (sold as set with Manual)
    • 1 Objects /Places Stimulus Book @ $ 330.00
    • 25 Record Forms @ $ 6.50 / each
    • 10 Score Reports ( via PARiConnect)  @ $ 6.00
Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc.
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Neuropsychological
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