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York University’s Career Centre – the Career Centre works with students, new grads, staff, faculty, and employers to support students and new grads (up to two years after graduation) in the development of career self-management skills. York’s Career Centre has workshops and resources to help throughout your university years. You can learn about career opportunities, receive support in your job search, and explore and prepare for further education.

Miscellaneous Tidbits!

  • “What makes psychology and geography grads the most employable?” check out this interesting “good news” story:   White, Alison (2010). “Careers”.Thursday 18 November 2010

Psychology Jobs – Academic

  • Academic Careers Online,Canadian academic job site for teaching jobs, education jobs,research jobs, and professional jobs in education and academia.
    • Academic Careers Online, global academic job site for teaching jobs, education jobs,research jobs, and professional jobs in education and academia. Includes faculty, teacher, research, post doc, adjunct, library, administrative and senior management positions at (community) colleges, universities, research institutes, and schools around the world.
  • Canadian Psychological Association’s Career page
  • Blog – “FemaleScienceProfessor” – thoughts and advice for women in an academic career path.
  • APA Online/PsycCareers  – This Web site of the American Psychological Association lists academic positions in the United States and abroad. There’s also a résumé bank and links to career-related articles from the “Monitor on Psychology”, the association’s monthly magazine.
  • American Psychological Society – Academic, research, and clinical jobs for psychologists are listed at this site, put up by the American Psychological Society. The listings, which can be searched, are selected from the monthly APS Observer.
  • Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology – SIOP’s “JobNet” lists employment opportunities for IO psychologists in the academic, private, and public sectors.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education job posting board:
  • Vitae (A service of The Chronicle of Higher Education) is a community for higher education, providing resources to help students achieve career success.Users create a Vitae account that then allows them to:
  • Connect with other academics, find a mentor or collaborator, and be found by potential employers.
  • Search jobs, save job searches, and receive job alerts.
  • Use a FREE dossier service to store your CV and professional documents in one place.
  • Automatically fill in job applications at hundreds of institutions by using Apply with Vitae.
  • Get expert advice on how to find a good mentor, ace the interview, search for funding, explore alt-ac career options, and more.

Higher Ed Soup to Nuts: An Exclusive Booklet on Academic Career Development

Psychology – Nonacademic Careers

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