California Verbal Learning Test, Third Edition (CVLT-3)

Title: California Verbal Learning Test, Third Edition (CVLT-3)
Author: Delis, D.C., Kramer, J.H., Kaplan, E., & Ober, B.A.
Year: 2017
Description: The California Verbal Learning Test, Third Edition (CVLT-3) measures both recall and recognition of two lists of words (List A and List B) over a number of immediate and delayed memory trials. It provides an assessment of verbal learning and memory deficits in adults ages 16 – 90.

The CVLT-3 is a revision of the CVLT-II. However, the target words for List A and List B remain the same from the CVLT-II to the CVLT-#. These target words were carefully selected and they have proven successful in hundreds of studies. By maintaining the same target words, researchers using the CVLT-II in longitudinal studies can seamlessly employ the CVLT-3 while also benefiting from the new process measures in the new edition. Users & Applications

Clinicians can use the revision of this classic test to help:

  • Assess individuals who have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injury (TBI), dementias, schizophrenia, ADHD, or neurological disorders
  • Test the degree to which a person can return to work, perform complex activities of daily living, and live independently
  • Evaluate insufficient effort or malingering to reduce false results

Content & Administration

  • Examinees are read a list of words carefully selected for their frequency of use across multiple demographic variables and are asked to recall them across a series of trials.
  • Standard and Alternate forms can be administered in 30 minutes, with an additional 30-minutes for delay scores.
  • The Brief form features lists of nine words in three categories and can be administered in only 15 minutes, plus an additional 15 minutes for delay scores.
Age Range: Ages 16-90 Years old
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete kit

  • 1 CVLT-3 Manual @ $ 220.00
  • 25 Standard Record Forms @ $ 6.70
  • 25 Alternate Record Forms @ $ 6.70
  • 25 Brief Record Forms  @ $ 5.50
  • 1-year CVLT-3 using Pearson Q-global Unlimited Online Scoring Subscription – Core Report @ $ 50.00
  • 1-year CVLT-3  using Pearson Q-global Unlimited Online Scoring Subscription – Extended Report @ $ 50.00
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Intelligence
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