Barkley Adult ADHD Rating Scale-IV (BAARS-IV)

Title: Barkley Adult ADHD Rating Scale-IV (BAARS-IV)
Author: Barkley, R. A.
Year: 2011
Description: The Barkley Adult ADHD Rating Scale-IV (BAARS-IV) is an empirically developed scale, based on both the diagnostic criteria for ADHD in the DSM-IV-TR and the history of research behind them. The BAARS-IV also includes a section of items for assessing a subtype of ADHD known as sluggish tempo (SCT) often referred to as the inattentive subtype or as ADD by clinicians. Designed to identify the most useful items for the assessment of deficits in executive functioning (EF) in daily life activities in adults. The manual describes the development history, normative data, psychometric properties, and scoring and interpretation of the BAARS, as well as its clinical use for adults ages 18-81. The Appendix contains the various versions of the forms – the childhood version does not include the SCT items.
Age Range: Adults
Administration: Individual

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Publisher: Guilford Press
Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Clinical Assessment
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