Adolescent Psychopathology Scale (APS)

Title: Adolescent Psychopathology Scale (APS)
Author: Reynolds, W.M.
Year: 1998
Description: The Adolescent Psychopathology Scale (APS) empirically assesses the presence and severity of symptoms associated with specific DSM-IV clinical and personality disorders.  This multidimensional self-report instrument also assesses other psychological problems and behaviors that may interfere with an adolescent’s psychological adaptation and personal competence, including substance abuse, suicidal behavior, emotional lability, excessive anger, aggression, alienation, and introversion.

The APS measures three broad disorder-problem domains: Clinical Disorders (20 scales), Personality Disorders (five scales), and Psychosocial Problem Content areas (11 scales).  The Response Style Indicator scales (four scales) include indexes of response consistency and infrequency, response veracity, and unusual endorsement propensities.

APS scores represent the severity of disorder-specific symptomatology evaluated across different time periods.  This close match between APS item content and DSM-IV criteria enhances clinical utility and facilitates ease of interpretation.

The APS must be scored using the APS Scoring Program.  After paper-and-pencil administration, enter the adolescent’s responses and select the appropriate normative comparison group.  The software calculates scores for all scales and automatically generates a Clinical Score Report.  The report includes a summary of APS scale elevations, a score summary table, a profile, a critical items summary form, and an item response summary table.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual and Group
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

  • 1 APS Administration and Interpretation Manual @ $ 85.00
  • 1 Psychometric and Technical Manual @ $ 85.00
  • 25 Test Booklets @ $ 3.00
  • 1 APS-SP Scoring Program
  • 2 copies APS Clinical Score Report
  • 2 copies APS Administration & Interpretation Manual Bibliography
  • 2 copies APS Psychometric & Technical Manual Bibliography
Location: Kit in BSB 160H
Publisher: Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. – PAR Inc.
Qualification Level: Level C or 1
Test Category: Personality
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