Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile

Title: Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile
Author: Brown, C. & Dunn, W.
Year: 2002
Description: The Adolescent/Adult Sensory Profile is a 60-item self-report questionnaire. It is designed to enable self-evaluation of behavioral responses to everyday sensory experiences. An individual completes the form by indicating the frequency of a response (almost never, seldom, occasionally, frequently, almost always) to various sensory experiences. The profile is most appropriate for individuals 11 to 65+ years of age and is intended as a trait measure of sensory processing. Questions are answered in a way how an individual generally responds to sensations, as opposed to how he or she responds at any given time. This enables the instrument to capture the more stable and enduring sensory processing preferences of an individual. The profile takes approximately 15 minutes to administer.

The profile is summarized for interpretation into quadrant scores: Low Registration, Sensation Seeking, Sensory Sensitivity, and Sensation Avoiding. There are cut off scores for each of the quadrant raw score totals on the summary score sheet. The classification system describes the individual’s likelihood for behaviours in the sensory processing quadrant as: much less than most people, less than most people, similar to most people, more than most people, and much more than most people. Scores are described according to a continuum based on a normal distribution of scores, allowing for a description of an individual’s placement on this continuum rather than an indication of an area of concern.

There are two purposes for the profile. It can provide information to help in understanding an individual’s sensory processing. It results in an increased awareness of an individual’s preferences in processing. The second principal purpose is to address intervention planning related to one’s needs.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 2 Complete Kits

  • 2 User’s Manual @ $170
  • 25 Self-Questionnaire/Summary Reports @ $3.00/each
  • 2 Sensory Profile Sample Report
  • 2 Sensory Profile Technical Report
Location: Kit in BSB 160H
Publisher: Pearson
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Sensory-Motor
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