Account Generation

Passport York

Passport York is a single login this login is the to access most York computing resources and services.

Users are able to use York’s centralized Manage My Services (MMS) amanagement website to create their accounts.

  • After creating your account, if you are a member of York Psychology faculty; a graduate student;and/or an undergraduate student enrolled in a course booking the lab you are entitled use the account here in the Hebb Lab.
  • For more information regarding account creation please refer to the York Computing site here and then select “Accounts”
  • Please note: Undergraduate student account access is set annually .Sponsored Guest Account

UIT will accept requests for some computing services access for visiting scholars to use if they are teaching at York University.

Academic Supervisors
can also submit requests for the maintence of computers servies for withdrawn graduate students for a defined period of time. Graduate students need to ask their supervisor to make this request.

  • Academic Supervisors can request access via UIT using the Sponsored Guest  Account option and then selecting the link for ‘Sponsored Account Form’
  • Sponsored Guest Accounts are active for a designated period only please include the time period required in your request.
  • Guest account owners cannot access the “Manage My Services” application to add other services nor can they use Passport York authenticated applications such as printing, CEO or Class Lists.
  • For more information regarding guests accounts please click here

How to Access “Manage My Services”

Option 1:
Open “Manage My Services” website here then proceed as per Step 1 below.

Option 2:
You can access the ‘Manage My Services’ program from any of the PCs in the Computer Commons, Parking Structure II (PSII) building located at the north-west exit of the Ross Building behind the Curtis Lecture Halls.
For more information regarding these computers please click here
Then proceed as per Step 1 below.

Steps to activate your PASSPORT YORK single login account:

  1. Once at the MMS website, use your Passport York login information to sign into your accountNew students who have not yet setup their Passport York, may do so following these  instructions

    New Faculty can sign up for a Passport York account using the information here.

  2. To the left is a list of your currently activated services. If “Passport York” is listed (on the left-hand side under “My Services” with a green checkmark in front of it, then your account is already activated and you may log into the workstations in the lab)
    Otherwise, proceed to step 3.
  3. Click on Activate New Service and a list of services available for activation is displayed.
  4. You need to activate your PASSPORT YORK single login account
    click on the “Activate” button and follow the steps outlined.

You can create additional accounts by selecting the appropriate service. You can also cancel services, change passwords, and view your account information from the ‘Manage My Services’ main menu screen.

If you forget your password and you are a student please follow the guidelines listed here 

If you forget your passwrd and you are a faculty member please follow the guidelines listed here

All users of the Psychology Resource Centre should operate under the Senate Policy on Computing and Information Technology Facilities

Please Note: Guidelines are posted on each door into the labs and/or broadcasted at the point of access to the system. By entering the lab the user agrees to abide by these Guidelines.

The Hebb Computer Lab guidelines state that The PsychLab may be used for academic purposes only.

Only legally obtained software may be used in the workstations. Anyone using the Hebb Psychology Lab facilities for non-academic purposes or intentionally disrupting the work of others will have their accounts locked and the privilege to use these systems revoked. You may be held accountable for improper use of the facilities.

Do not share or lend your account or access card to others as you will be held responsible as the registered user.

Account Generation Forms:

Passport York Graduate Student / Post Doc Account Form

Passport York Undergraduate Students Type 2

Passport York Undergraduate Students Type 3

York University Computing Guidelines Agreement

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