Acceptance of Disability Scale

Title: Acceptance of Disability Scale
Author: Linkowski, D. C.
Year: 1969
Description: The Acceptance of Disability Scale is a self-report inventory developed for clarity of statement and assessment of 4 value shifts characteristic of individuals with physical disabilities who have come to accept their losses: enlargement of scope of values, subordination of physique, containment of disability effects, and transformation from comparative values to asset values. It is meant for administration directly to disabled persons.
Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: N/A
  • 2 articles describing use of scale (see Notes)
  • 1 scoring procedure

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Location: Folder in 160H
Notes: 1) Linkowski, D.C. (1971). A scale to measure acceptance of disability. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 14(4), 236-244.

2) Linkowski, D.C., & Dunn, M.A. (1974). Self-concept and acceptance of disability. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 18(1), 28-32.

3) Extra forms in BSB 158A

Publisher: Pro.Ed
Qualification Level: Level A or 3
Test Category: Behaviour Assessment


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