Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Standard Form Kit

Title: Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Standard
Author: Messer, M. A.
Year: 2017
The Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Standard is designed to assess achievement in children and adults ages 4 to 85 years. The AAB standard form was designed to assess the basic academic skills including letter / word reading, spelling, reading comprehension, and mathematical calculation. It is intended for use by professionals who need a quick and easy to administer assessment of the basic areas of achievement with a focus on reading comprehension. The AAB is ideal for evaluating fundamental academic skills during an initial evaluation, during reevaluation, or when working with those referred for learning, behavior, or vocational concerns. All four subtests are included in one easy-to-use response booklet. New users can learn how to administer quickly with the included Fast Guide. Reading subtests combine to provide a Reading Composite, which provides more data to understand an individual’s reading skills. A Total Composite Score provides the user with a snapshot of an individual’s academic performance.

Scoring options are hand-scored or via PARiConnect. PARiConnect scoring for the AAB is complimentary with purchase of Standard form Item/Response booklet until December 2018. After that $3.00 per Score Report.
Standard Form Score Report.

Please note: Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Screening Form.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit (standard)

  • 1 Professional Manual @ $ 120.00
  • 1 Fast Guide @ $ 140.00
  • 1 Letter/Word Reading Stimulus Card @ $ 16.00
  • 25 Item Booklets @ $ 1.50 / each
  • 25 Response Booklets @ $ 1.50 / each
  • 25 Standard Form Score Reports ( via PARiConnect)  – complimentary until December 31, 2018) after that $3.00 per score report.
Location: 159A
Publisher: PAR, Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Achievement
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