Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Comprehensive Form Kit

Title: Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Comprehensive Form Kit
Author: Messer, M.A.
Year: 2017
The AAB Comprehensive Form is a broad battery of tests that covers a wide range of achievement domains in children and adults ages 4 to 85 years. Specifically, the AAB Comprehensive Form assesses an individual’s performance in: oral expression, listening comprehension, written expression, basic reading skill, reading fluency skills, reading comprehension, mathematics calculation, and mathematics problem solving. The AAB Comprehensive Form assesses these constructs across 15 subtests, each of which addresses a specific function within a broader area of achievement. These subtests yield seven composite scores, shich combine to create an eighth score, a total achievement composite.

Appropriate for identifying academic strengths and weaknesses, inform decisions regarding eligibility, and aid in planning interventions. The Fast Guide provides information on administration and scoring.

Scoring options are hand-scored or via PARiConnect. PARiConnect scoring for the AAB Comprehensive Form is available @ $ 4.50 per use.

Age Range: Both Children and Adults
Administration: Individual
Inventory: 1 Complete Kit

  • 1 Comprehensive Form Professional Manual with Fast Guide @ $ 150.00
  • 1 Fast Guide (included with the Professional manual)
  • 1 Stimulus Book 1 @ $ 200.00
  • 1 Stimulus Book 2 @ $ 200.00
  • 1 Letter/Word Reading Stimulus Card @ $ 16.00
  • 25 Item Booklets @ $ 4.00 / each
  • 25 Response Booklets @ $ 3.00 / each
  • 5 AAB Comprehensive Form Score Report ( via PARiConnect)  @ $4.50 each
Location: BSB 160G
Notes: 1) Messer, M. A.  (2017). Academic Achievement Battery Comprehensive Form. Lutz, Florida: Psychological Assessment Resources.

2) Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Standard Form

3) Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Screening Form 

4) Academic Achievement Battery (AAB) Comprehensive Form via PARiConnect

5) N.B Scoring for AAB Screening Form via PARiConnect is possible by handscoring or using PARiConnect ONLINE ADMINISTERING, SCORING AND REPORTING SERVICE. Speak to PRC Staff for details. (Staff refer to “TEST SCORING AND ADMINISTRATION.xls”  file for Passwords, Usernames, other details). Cost: $3.00 per use

6) N.B User’s must already have their own unique PARiConnect account or apply to Eric Austerberry to initiate set up and allow sufficient time  for the inventory to be assigned as required. (48 hours advisable – excluding weekends and holidays). Speak to Eric Austerberry. No charge for the account.

7) N.B Extra forms in 158A

8) Academic Achievement Battery: Development of a Novel Approach to Assessing Reading Comprehension

Publisher: PAR, Inc.
Qualification Level: Level B or 2
Test Category: Achievement
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