ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Title Author Year
“Fighting fear: A panic disorder group treatment program”: An evaluation of efficacy and utility with outpatients with anxiety disorders Andres-Lemay, V. Joy 1999
“Man’s best friend” as psychological subject: The scientist-animal bond in the laboratory Held, Lisa 2014
(F)acts and events: hermeneutic method in the human sciences Pomichalek, Milan 1995, July
(Non) Reception of Wundt’s Volkerpsychologie, The Brock, Adrian 1994, Jan.
A “touchy” subject: A critical review of the touch taboo within traditional psychotherapeutic practice Bryntwick, Emily 2014
A Comparative Study of Object Relations Theories Dupuis, Rejeanne 2007, Jan
A Comparison of Moral Philosophies as a Basis for Psychological Ethics Carryer, Jonathan 2006, Sept.
A comprehensive review of chronic fatigue syndrome and meta-analysis of neuropsychological variables Davidson, Lara L. 2002, Feb.
A critial Examination of Activities of Daily Living Questionnaires Used With Older Adults Gold, David 2010
A Development Framework for the Application of Childhood Injury Prevention Strategies Balioussis, Christina 2007
A map to every person? What intraindividual methods mean for trait psychology Davidson, Ian 2018
A Mixed-Method Evaluation of a Strength-Based Bullying Prevention Program Norwood, Sarah Jane 2010
A novel statistical approach for identifying random responders in questionnaire data Marjanovic, Zdravko 2008, June
A psychobiographical snapshot of Edward Weston Clark, David 2007, Mar.
A Psychometric Analysis of the Paulhus Deception Scale among Justice Involved Youth Gentile, Petrice 2016
A Review of Clinical and Experimental Conceptualization of Impulsivity Martin-Doto, Catherine 2000, Mar.
A Systematic Review of Behavioural Interventions For Children With Intellectual Disabilities HO, Hilda 2019
Academic climate for women: still chilly after all these years, The Janz, Teresa A. 1998, Feb.
Academic Problem Syndrome: a new theoretical formulation, The Beitel, Micheline 1991, Oct.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to manage pain and opioid use after major surgery: Preliminary outcomes from the Toronto General Hospital Transitional Pain Service Azam, Abid (Muhammad) 2018
Accounting for Culture in Clinical Assessment: A Critical Review and Feasible Strategy for Clinicians Brandlmayr, Dawn E. 2005, Sept.
Accuracy of estimating time to collision using only monocular information in unilaterally enucleated observers and monocularly viewing normal controls Steeves, Jennifer K.E. 1999,May
Acquiescence and social desirability response bias in personality assessment Darling, Mary 1992, Feb.
Adolescent development and treatment: a review of the psychoanalytic perspective Schwartzbein, David Lyon 1993, Jan.
Adolescent sex offenders: a review of etiological factors and theoretical perspectives on sex offense behavior Ericson, Kristine 1994, Sept.
Adolescents’ response to strategies targeting increased participation in social research McIsaac, Caroline 2007, Nov.
Adult attachment and posttraumatic stress symptoms among high risk adult survivors of abuse Sicoli, Lisa A. 1999, May
Advocating for the innocent: defense counsel estimates for wrongful convictions and false guilty pleas ERENTZEN, Caroline 2019
Affect in early experience: where does it go? Wainwright, Ann 1996, Aug.
Age related changes to the visual, somatosensory and proprioception systems Comrie, Janna 2014
Age Related DIfferences in the Acute Pain Facial Expression During Infancy O'Neil, Monica 2018
Aggressive driving behavior: An examination of gender differences Goldstein-Reuben, Lesley 2002, June
Alcohol and the brain Souter, Susan J. 1995, Mar.
Alcohol and Women’s Sexuality: A Cultural Bias, or an Existence in Reality? Atkins, Jana H. 2003, Feb.
Alternate Pathways for the Interhemispheric Transfer of Information in Subjects with Callosal Agenesis Lees, Anne 1999, Sept.
Alternative models and treatments of borderline personality disorder Paivio, Sandra 1991, Sept.
American ego psychology: the housemaid of psychiatry Donaldson, Gail 1996, Nov.
An ecologically sensitive measure of meta-cognition (The Breakfast Task) provides new validity in predicting functional outcome in schizophrenia Pishdadian, Sara 2020
An examination of interests and preferences for psychological treatments in adults living with a congenital heart condition: a qualitative approach Page, G. 2011
An exploration of the structure of therapist and client-rated therapist unconditional positive regard over treatment using hierarchical linear modeling Hunter, Jennifer 2018
An investigation into the psychometric properties of the Relationship Scales Questionnaire of Adult Attachment Ayearst, Lindsay 2007, Mar.
An Investigation of Psychophysical Halo Sizes in Night Vision Goggles Telner, Jason 2006, Jan
An investigation of the structure of the Beck Depression Inventory-II in Anorexia Nervosa Fuss, Samantha 2014
An update of the revised genre Author Recognition Test Rain, Marina 2019
Analysis of the medical journals in which Freud published his early psychological papers, 1893-1899 Rosner, Rachael 1995, Nov.
Anger Management Groups for People with Aquired Brain Injury Demark, Jenny Sept. 2002
Antisaccade performance in children and adults: a dual task paradigm Tajik-Parvinchi, D. J. 2011
Application of Four Theories to Exercise Behavior: A Meta-Analysis, The Corace, Kimberly M. 2002, Oct.
Are cognitive Deficits Following Whiplash Injury The Result of Craniocerebral Injury? Antoniazzi, Mark 2001, March
Are Faces Special?: Face Perception in Infants Varghese, Jean 2003, Feb.
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