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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Human Observers' Strategies in 2AFC Tasks MUYAL, Yonatan Murray, R. 2012/2013
Human visual system's efficiency at light direction discrimination, The ROSEN, Aaron I. Murray, R. 2009/2010
I Feel it in My Fingers, but How I See It Matters Too: How Self-Body Recognition of an Action is Modulated by its Visual Feedback ROOTENBERG, Mark Harris, L. 2010/11
I Seem to Misplaced Gravity: Can you Help me Find it? MAKOOIE, Bobbak Harris, L. 2013/2014
I-"We" Fluctuations in Couple Adjustment to Cancer: A Qualitative Analysis CRUMP, Lyndsay (SPECIALIZED) Fergus, K. 2011/2012
Ideal Videogame Avatars: How Self-Efficacy and Assimilation/Contrast Influence Self-Evaluations KANG, Jin Mar, R. A, 2013/2014
Ideas of self and others: A social and cognitive approach to depression TURCOTTE, Kara McCann, D. 2007/2008
Illusory conjunctions and the nature of spatial representation in long-term memory of 3-month-old infants KUMAR, Nikhil Adler, S. 2010/2011
Immersion education: A vehicle to bilingualism? KLEMENSBERG, Ava Bialystok, E. 2009/2010
Immigrant generational status and academic achievement: A focus on Habesha Canadians TESFU, Kalkidan Lalonde, R. N. 2009/2010
Impact of Brief Mindfulness Skills Training on Emotion Regulation CARTER-SIMMONS, Heather (SPECIALIZED) Wiseheart, M. 2015/2016
Impact of Cognitive Load on Myside Bias Reasoning, The EDWARDS, Amanda Toplak, M. 2012/2013
Impact of Enmeshed Parenting Styles on Young Adult from Collectivist Cultures, The KESHAVARZI, Sara Reid, D. W. 2014/2015
Impact of ethnicity of the defendant on mock jurors' judgements and sentencing recommendations, The (Templeton Award) AVIRAM, Adi Schuller, R. 2006/2007
Impact of joint attention ability and maternal synchronicity on language ability in children with autism, The ANAM, Muniq Casenhiser, D. 2008/2009
Impact of parental death on attachment style and life experience in university students, The MELI, Nadia Fleming, S. 2007/2008
Impact of Perceived Stress and Acculturation on Child Outcomes in First and Second Generation Immigrant Mothers, The CHOUDHERY, Zainab Naeem Bohr, Y. 2013/2014
Impact of Religiosity on Social Affiliation and the Likelihood of Forgiveness, The DAIRYWALA, Khadija Sasaki, J. 2015/2016
Impact of the blended learning format for university instruction, The ATKINSON, Krisann Sheese, R. 2010/2011
Impact of therapist directiveness and implicit theories on client prognostic expectations in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder, The KIM, Daniel J. Westra, H. 2008/2009
Impact of victim emotional demeanour and expert psychological testimony on jurors' decisions in sexual assault trials, The BERK, Melanie Schuller, R. 2009/2010
Implications of Repetitive Behaviour in Typical Developing Populations: A Review of the Literature QUAN, Priscillia Shanker, S. 2011/2012
Implicit self-categorization among Black Canadians in intergroup versus intragroup contexts VAN ANDEL, Joyce Kawakami, K. 2006/2007
Implicit self-esteem and self-focus: Drinking to escape the uncertain self HAN, Nina McGregor, I. 2006/2007
Importance of a healthy breakfast on cognitive performance, The KAPLAN, Leah Cepeda, N. 2010/2011
Improving Task Switching in Children Through Music and Dance Training PUCKERING, Emillie-Anne Wiseheart, M. 2013/2014
In-session emotional arousal and therapy outcome in Emotionally Focused Therapy PALANGI, Angela Valoo, V 2008/2009
Incidence of depressive subtypes and emotional change in self-critical depression during experiential treatment CHOI, Bryan (SPECIALIZED) Pos, A. 2010/2011
Infant gesturing amongst peers LOUIE, Mary Legerstee, M. 2007/2008
Infant Negative Affect Regulaton rate and Associations with Parental Reports of Temperament at 2-, 4-, 6- and 12-Months KAPOOR, Anjani (SPECIALIZED) Pillai Riddell, R. 2012/2013
Infant pain response and caregiver soothing behaviours at 2- and 12- months of age: Exploring the impact of infant sex and age LENEHAN, Adrienne G. Pillai Riddell, R. 2009/2010
Infant socio-cognitive abilities and their social skills with peers ATESHIN, Sarah Legerstee, M. 2007/2008
Infant's Long-Term Memory for Occluded Shapes SAEDI CHEKAN, Sepideh Adler, S. 2012/2013
Infants' Long-Term Memory of Occluded Shapes DIRENFELD, Leah Adler, S. 2011/2012
Infants' peer relationships and the effect of maternal affect attunement on mutual peer preference METZER, Nathalie Legerstee, M. 2007/2008
Influence mental health status has on people's perceptions of social goals, The GELMAN, Carrie McCann, D. 2006/2007
Influence of body norms and masculinity on men's perception of ideal size, The JADD, Rachel Mills, J. S. 2010/2011
Influence of Caregiver Heritage Culture on Preschooler Pain Expression, The ORTIZ, Drexler K. L. Pillai Riddell, R. 2014/2015
Influence of Collaborative Learning, The WARSAME, Fardoso Sheese, R. 2011/2012
Influence of coping strategies and chronic pain level on parent-child consistency in reporting coping strategies, The VIECILI, Michelle Pillai Riddell, R. 2007/2008
Influence of cultural stress and depression on maternal soothing behaviours, The DOPPELT, Rebecca Pillai Riddell, R. 2006/2007
Influence of culture on maternal soothing behaviours and infant pain expression in the immunization context, The VINALL, Jillian Pillai Riddell, R. 2007/2008
Influence of Emotion Regulation on the Relationship Between Attachment and Childhood Anxiety, The RIZEQ, Jala (SPECIALIZED) Muller, R. T. 2013/2014
Influence of Emotional Regulation, Cultural Background, and length of time since immigration on depressive symptoms among adolescent boys and girls, The FOROOTAN, Shervin Rawana, J. S. 2015/2016
Influence of facial appeal in leader selection BHOJWANI, Sonam Goel, V. 2008/2009
Influence of gender and victim stereotypicality on judgments of an acquaintance rape scenario, The PELLETT GILLETTE, Rachel Schuller, R. 2008/2009
Influence of Intra-Item Contextual Variation on the Spacing Effect, The FERNANDES, Suzette Wiseheart, M. 2013/2014
Influence of maternal affect style on infants preverbal communication with their peers LEBOVIC, Shoshana Legerstee, M. 2006/2007
Influence of Parent Anxiety on Child Pain-Related Distress: Testing Parent Sensitivity as a Mediator, The PINHASOV, Angelina Pillai Riddell, R. 2013/2014
Influence of Self-Concept on the Treatment of Childhood Depression, The MERCER, Marlee Muller, R. T. 2014/2015