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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Facilitating adaptation to university culture SVERDLIK, Anna Sheese, R. 2009/2010
Factors influencing moral decision making: Belief in just world in double binds ASSOIANTS, Artem Bell, C. 2013/14
Failing to care? Affective and behavioural forecasting of responses to outgroup racism SHIM, Jin (SPECIALIZED) Kawakami, K. 2009/2010
False negatives: Legal decisions involving sexual assault evidence SITU, Nancy Schuller, R. 2009/2010
Familiarity with Alcoholics Anonymous: The Effects of Treatment Labelling and Description on Judgments of Program Efficacy FAIRWEATHER, Jennifer Kopinska, A. & MacDonald, S. 2013/2014
Family Eating Practices and Cultural Identity: Exploring the Experience of Enculturation Through Family Meal Events CONTE, Meaghan Lalonde, R. N. 2013/2014
Family stress changes associated with DIR-floortime treatment in children with autism MAK, Wai-Meng (Florence) Stieben, J. & Shanker, S. 2008/2009
Fantasy proneness and satisfaction with life PICCITTO, Valerie Mar, R. A. 2007/2008
Fear of death: Testing the relationship of self-esteem and attachment to death anxiety PENNY, Sarah Fleming, S. 2008/2009
Feasibility of Computerized Waking Memory Training in Individuals with Huntington's Disease SADEGHI, Mahsa (SPECIALIZED) Till, C. 2015/2016
Feature Processing and Illusory Conjunctions in Infants' Long-Term Memory SAINI, Rachita Adler, S. 2011/2012
Feeling worthless and needing support: Depressed clients' conflicts in Emotion-Focused Therapy LEVIN, Mark Angus, L. 2010/2011
Filing the gaps: Identifying the missing links for young adult survivors of childhood cancer SILBER, Ilana Irvine, J. 2007/2008
Finite Sample Properties of Model-fit Statistics in Structural Equation Modeling with Categorical Variables, The DONNER, Jonathan K. Flora, D. 2015/2016
First person accounts of psychological treatment for worry: Impact on attitudes, anxiety change expectations, fears of psychotherapy, help-seeking intentions and help-seeking behaviour CHO, Wei Luen Westra, H. 2007/2008
First person accounts of psychological treatment: Impact on attitudes, fears, expectations and help-seeking KESTER, Laura Westra, H. 2007/2008
FMRI Group Analysis: Baynesian Statistics vs. Classical Statistics KHAN, Naail Flora, D. 2013/2014
Focus on Developmental Strength Capacity: A Literature Review of Well-Being and Autism Spectrum Disorder, A STABLES, Victoria Weiss, J. 2015/2016
Food choice in dieters: The effects of disinhibition, self-regulation, and behavioural economics on choice behavior in restrained eaters BACA, Jana Mills, J. S. 2007/2008
Forbidden zone for single vision, The (Templeton Award) CHUNG-FAT-YIM, Ashley (SPECIALIZED) Ono, H. 2009/2010
Forced sex during childhood sexual abuse, motives for behaviour, and adolescent behavioural outcomes among female youth in the Canadian Child Welfare System HUISMAN, Jaclyn Hart, T. 2006/2007
Formation of the Therapeutic Alliance in an Online Intervention for Young Couples Facing Breast Cancer, The BACK, Robin (SPECIALIZED) Fergus, K. 2013/2014
Frederick Tracy: Toronto's Most Significant Early-20th-Century Developmental Psychologist NGUYEN, Lynn Green, C. D. 2012/2013
Free Pass for Prejudice: Measuring Intergroup Motivations, A CHANDRAKUMAR, Mirna Kawakami, K. 2011/2012
From anxiety to musicophilia: The effects of mortality salience and action orientation on musical devotion PIOTROWSKA, Ewelina (SPECIALIZED) McGregor, I. 2010/2011
From nervous consumption to Anorexia Nervosa: A review of ideologies on female self-starvation LEVE, Michelle Teo, T. 2007/2008
From vulnerability to resilience: The role of values SAKURE, Eva McGregor, I. 2013/2014
Frontal hemispheric specialization and unfamiliarity with a travel planning tasks PENROSE, James Goel, V. 2006/2007
Function criteria in measures of dating violence: A meta-analytic review of adolescent prevalence rates ABERBACK, Alisa (SPECIALIZED) Connolly, J. A. 2010/2011
Functional Connectivity in the Default-mode Network and Cognitive Performance MARRO, Alessandro (SPECIALIZED) Till, C. 2011/2012
Functional outcome in Schizophrenia: A comparison of extreme performers CHOPOV, Boyko Heinrichs, R. W. 2007/2008
Gaze behaviour and visual fixation patterns SLUSARCZYK, Maggie Bebko, J. 2008/2009
Gender and cultural differences in the self-regulation of shame in Eastern Asian, South Asian, and European Canadian CHO, Kangeun Hynie, M. 2009/2010
Gender Difference in Emotion, Myth or Science?: A Critical Review of Psychology Journals in the mid 20th and Early 21st Century NOH, Jung M. (Jennifer) Rutherford, A. 2015/2016
Gender differences in associations between substance use and depression in adolescents CRAIG, Stephanie Rawana, J. S. 2007/2008
Gender preferences towards conspecific faces and perinea in female macaques CLAYTON, Holly Hoffman, K. 2008/2009
Glycemic Index of Breakfast and its Role in Enhancing Cognitive Performance MOGHIMI, Elnaz Cepeda, N. 2011/2012
Grinding: Learning the Steps of the Mating Dance KOVACEVIC, Katarina Ross, E.C. 2011/2012
Growth of Mental Attention over a Brief Longitudinal Span REKABDAR, Behdokht Johnson, J. 2011/2012
Hablo Ingles: Acculturation and Depression in Hispanic Canadians RODRIGUES, Myanca McCann, D. 2014/2015
Happy Faces on the Left are Right: Emotional Cue Science Using Chimeric Faces ZOHAR, Sarah Steeves, J. 2012/2013
Health behaviour correlates of influenza vaccination MARTINEZ LEO, Melissa Baker, J. 2006/2007
Heart Rate Variability in Individuals with Migraines & Tension-Type Headaches During Cognitive Stress followed by Mindfulness Meditation: A Randomized Experiment MOHABIR, Vinashini (Vina) Ritvo, P. 2015/2016
Helicopter parenting: New phenomenon or a new name for parental overprotection? GANZ, Micaiah Lalonde, R. N. & Cila, J. 2010/2011
Hippocampal Gamma-Band Oscillations during Memory Retrieval ARBIV, Omri A. Hoffman, K. 2013/2014
HIV risk and HIV testing behaviours among South Asian Canadian young adults: The role of social context and individual-level variables (MISSING - April 30, 2015) GHAI, Amrita Katz, J. 2007/2008
How can I approach thee? Let me count the ways: introducing new ways of approaching and their influence on self-perceptions NADOLNY, Daniel Kawakami, K. 2006/2007
How Cultural Expectations Influence the Definition, Experience and Treatment of Psychopathological Behaviour LEWIS, Rokisha Sheese, R. 2011/2012
How Does Acculturation Affect Chinese Canadians' Career Identity Styles? TAO, Dan Lalonde, R. N. 2013/2014
How our thoughts affect our decisions: Investigating the role of semantic memory on intertemporal choice SIMONE, Stephanie Park, N. 2015/2016