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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Effects of Motor Rehearsal: An fMRI Study of Classical Ballet Dancers, The BAR, Rachel J. DeSouza, J. F. X. 2011/2012
Effects of multitasking for monolingual and bilingual drivers, The IVANOVA, Elena Wiesenthal, D. L. 2007/2008
Effects of musicianship and bilingualism on non-verbal and verbal intelligence, The LEVKOV, Gabriella Cepeda, N. 2010/2011
Effects of Parental and Child Anxiety on Parental Perceptions of Child Pain, The ZABARA, Nick Pillai Riddell, R. 2014/2015
Effects of Pregnancy and Delivery Complications on Infant Pain during Routine Immunization, The OLTEANU, Alexandra Pillai Riddell, R. 2011/2012
Effects of Pretrial Questioning on Jurors' Commitment to Impartiality, The SANDHU, Jessica Schuller, R. 2011/2012
Effects of Race and Pupil Dilation on Interpersonal Attraction, The VENDITTELLI, Rebecca Kawakami, K. 2013/2014
Effects of relationship threat and attachment style on dyadic interactions with strangers KAIKOVA, Maria McGregor, I. 2008/2009
Effects of religiosity, social support, and sensation seeking on aggression and risk behaviours, The BALOCH, Maaria Flora, D. 2006/2007
Effects of self-construal and threat on creativity PELUSO, Sabrina (SPECIALIZED) McGregor, I. 2009/2010
Effects of semantic relatedness on memory for temporal order, The NOORMOHAMED, Salma Rich, J. B. 2007/2008
Effects of semantic relatedness on object location memory, The BOLSHIN, Lisa Rich, J. B. 2007/2008
Effects of Social Power and Apology on Revenge, Grudge, and Forgiveness GOLENITSKI, Vitali Struthers, W. 2012/2013
Effects of specific caregivers soothing behaviours on immediate infant pain regulation during routine immunization ORLOVSKI, Crystal Pillai Riddell, R. 2009/2010
Effects of Stimulus Onset Time, Viewing Distance and Stimulus Step Size on the Latency of Saccadic Eye Movements, The DONALDS, Chantel Steinbeck, M. 2012/2013
Effects of talk radio broadcasts on simulated driving performance TCHERTOK, Irina, V. Weisenthal, D 2006/2007
Effects of Trauma on Parenting Stress, The DUKESZ, Kayla Bohr, Y. 2012/2013
Effects of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy on Post-traumatic Symptoms BARTELLA, Amanda Muller, R. T. 2011/2012
Effects of valence and salience on short term recall, The PESIN, Yulia Murtha, S. 2007/2008
Effects of Weight Discrimination on Bariatric Treatment Time, Weight Change and Role of Weight Loss, The CREMONESE, Matteo Kuk, J. 2012/2013
Effects of weight-related feedback and appearance-related trait variables on media choice, The FRENETTE, Kiersten L. Mills, J. S. 2009/2010
Effectsof Cardio-Respiratory Fitness, Physical Activity, and Sex Differences on Brain Structure and Executive Functioning in Older Adults, The ALTER, Udi (SPECIALIZED) Turner, G. 2015/2016
Efficacy of motivational interviewing: A qualitative analysis of the client's perspective, The PITIAKOUDIS, Maria Angus, L. 2006/2007
Eliciting and Inhibiting Intrinsic motivation: Mood State, task type, task performance, and their influence on the experience of intrinsic motivation GOLDBERG, Lauren Eastwood, J. 2014/2015
Elijah's Kite: A pilot study of a bullying intervention in the form of an opera and classroom activities HANER, Dilys Pepler, D. 2007/2008
Emergence of jealousy in 6-month-old infants in triadic same-aged peer interactions, The LAWRENCE, Stephanie Legerstee, M. 2006/2007
Emma Sophia Baker: First PhD in psychology from the University of Toronto GORAYA, Pawanjit Green, C. D. 2007/2008
Emotion Regulation and the Use of Restraints on Children: Are Restraints Therapeutic? WRIGHT, Leah Muller, R. T. 2011/2012
Emotion Regulation Strategies and Psychological Strengths Associated with Depression Symptoms among Adolescents MITHAL, Priyanjali Rawana, J. 2013/2014
Emotional Palliation Instrument: A Measure of Emotionally Palliative Coping, The MAZO, Michael Kohn, P. 2011/2012
Emotional arousal and the resolution of emotional injuries in couple who have received Emotionally Focused Therapy MOHAMAD OMAR, Farouqa Valoo, V. 2009/2010
Emotional Expressivity, the DRD4 gene, and Religion: Examining Mediated Moderation Effects on Prosocial Behaviour NASIRI, Khalidha Sasaki, J. 2015/2016
Enculturation of South Asian Canadians within a familial context: The mediating role of family allocentrism JOSEPH, Catherene Hynie, M. 2007/2008
Enhanced multisensory processing in unilaterally enucleated individuals MORO, Stefania S. Steeves, J. 2009/2010
Enhancing sensitivity in adolescent mothers: Does a Standardized, Popular Parenting Intervention work with Teens? BIN-NOON, Noam (SPECIALIZED) Bohr, Y. 2012/2013
Episodic and Semantic Memory for Novel Naturalistic Actions: A Framework for the Partitioning of Gist and Detail Representations VOITOV, Ivan Park, N. 2011/2012
Epistemology, Ontology and Ethics in Jacques Lacan's Discourse Theory: Contributions to Critical Psychology MATALON, Raan M. Teo, T 2009/2010
Equivalence-based measures of critical significance: Assessing treatments for depression NASIAKOS, George Cribbie, R. 2008/2009
Errorless Learning and the Generation Effects in Children HOOPER, Marie Desrocher, M. 2013/2014
Essentialist and entitative beliefs in relation to mental disorders: Lay perception of mental illness and categorization HAQANEE, Zohrah Lalonde, R. N. 2008/2009
Estimation and discrimination between numerosities BEGA, Jonathan Murray, R. 2007/2008
Evaluating autobiographical memory: An analysis of the use of general and specific probes in the autobiographical interview SPIEGEL, Miryam Desrocher, M. 2010/2011
Evaluating perceptual grouping using supratthreshold magnitude tasks GOUDARZIMALAYERI, Parmis Wilcox, L. 2014/2015
Evaluating speech and language performances in children with autism: A comparison of treatment interventions OTHMAN, Ediana Casenhiser, D. 2007/2008
Evaluating the Potential of a Montessori-Inspired Alternative Public School within the Toronto District School Board: The Vista Alternative School FORSYTH, Karen Shanker, S. 2011/2012
Evaluation of a creative expression exercise intended to foster dyadic coping in couples affected by breast cancer MEYSEL, Karina (SPECIALIZED) Fergus, K. 2010/2011
Evaluation of Psychoeducational Intervention for Cancer Survivors Experiencing Cognitive Difficulties MCCREATH, Graham Rich, J. B. 2015/2016
Evaluation of the Program for Education and Enrichment of Relationship Skills for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder ZDJELARIC, Sonja Bebko, J. 2013/2014
Evaluation of the Seeds of Empathy Program, An DASS, Riti Shanker, S. & Bayrami, L. 2011/2012
Evolving Attitudes towards Students as Teachers Gain Experience in Public Schools BARIAR, Sukhpreet K. Sheese, R. 2011/2012