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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Depressive vulnerability and interpersonal interaction between sociotropy and autonomy LAI, Carrie McCann, D. 2007/2008
Detection of transient speed changes in a translationally moving optical flow evokes the MEG responses in the human motion processing network, The WANG, Sheng Hua DeSouza, J. F. X. 2008/2009
Determining the fusional limit where observers pass from fine to coarse stereopsis SHOKR, Tarek Wilcox, L. 2008/2009
Developing social interactions in children with autism: Effects of child-centered versus adult-centered approaches during play GIULIANO, Mariela Casenhiser, D. 2008/2009
Development of a measure complementary equality for research on South Asian marriages: Implications for capturing nuances of living harmoniously in marriage, The SALIM, Sobia Reid, D. W. 2008/2009
Development of a Questionnaire to Assess the Impact of Memory Changes in Older Adults: The Memory Impact Questionnaire (MIQ), The AHMAD, Mirza S. Rich, J. B. 2015/2016
Development of Implicit Race Bias: What about the Minority?, The CANZIO, Jonathan Steele., J. 2011/2012
Developmental study of mental attentional capacity: Validating the CMT, A BALDEO, Sarah Johnson, J. 2006/2007
Did you get the gist of that?: Gist vs. Detail Verbal Memory Recall for Novel-Naturalistic Actions ZAKI-AZAT, Justeena Park, N. 2012/2013
Dieting and diagnostics: A pilot study DOIDGE, Dana Wilcox, L. 2006/2007
Differences in compensatory reactions to threat among various religious styles: The quest for empathy TEPER, Rimma McGregor, I. 2007/2008
Different partners, different strategies: An observational study on the differences in conflict resolution between males in male-best-friend dyads and males in romantic partner dyads (MISSING - April 30, 2015) YUEN, Alfred Connolly, J. A. 2007/2008
Differential Processing of words and pseudowords: A Repetition Priming and TMS Study VALLI, Mikaeel Stevens, D. 2014/2015
Diffusion Tensor Imaging: Structural Platicity Resulting from Long-Term Motor Learning TEHRANI, Hedieh (SPECIALIZED) DeSouza, J. F. X. 2012/2013
Dimensions of perfectionism in eating disorder in adolescents MORTAZAVI, Saharnaz Flett, G. 2010/2011
Dimensions of Perfectionism, Parenting Concern over Mistakes, Parenting Competence, and Depression in Mothers with Young Children HALL, Cassandra A. Flett, G. 2011/2012
Dimensions of Shame and Guilt in English Speakers KANDOLA, Satinder (Rina) Hynie, M. 2012/2013
Diminished Dynamic Visual Capture in Enucleated Viewing TSE, Eugene Steeves, J. 2014/2015
Discourse analysis of autism in the popular media ROBERTS, Elizabeth Pettit, M. 2009/2010
Discrimination of Major and Minor Tonal Sequences in 6-month-old Infants SHACH, Ruth Adler, S. 2012/2013
Discrimination of Major and Minor tone stimuli in infants as measured by anticipatory eye movements GANESWARAN, Arnold Adler, S. 2014/2015
Disengagement and shifting of attention to social stimuli in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder: A pilot study MORSILLO, Stephanie Bebko, J. 2008/2009
Disorganization of Behaviour: Donald Olding Hebb's Explorations of Emotion, Human Nature, and the Brain, The MOSSALLANEJAD, Pedram Pettit, M. 2011/2012
Disparity Threshold of Disparate Stimuli FATH, Adam Wilcox, L. 2013/2014
Dissociating Memory Processes of Novel Tool Use VANKAMPEN, Lyn Park, N. 2013/2014
Distinctions in Memory for Famous Faces as Revealed by Eye Movements RUBINFELD, Lindsay (SPECIALIZED) Rosenbaum, S. 2012/2013
Distress-Pain: Is Caregiver Sensitivity a Moderating Factor? SHAFIA, Pooria Pillai Riddell, R. 2014/2015
Do I Matter? Implications for Depressive Symptomatology Including Self-Criticism and Ruminative Brooding BURDO, Ron Flett, G. 2015/2016
Do typically developing children benefit from telegraphic speech? SIWIK, Evelina Casenhiser, D. 2009/2010
Does a feminist identity benefit men? Examing the relationships among feminist identity development, psychological well-being, and gender role-orientation KOROSTELIOV, Anastasia Rutherford, A. 2010/2011
Does boredom increase risky gambling? PILEGGI, Victoria Eastwood, J. 2010/2011
Does maternal mental state language contribute to infant's mental state language? MITROVIC, Sasa Legerstee, M. 2009/2010
Does music affect memory? The effects of differing musical genres on a word recall task LEE, Jonathan Green, C. D. 2006/2007
Does perfectionism and perfectionistic self presentation predict social anxiety beyond the predictiveness of low social self-efficacy? SOMERSETT, Jason Flett, G. 2008/2009
Does racial inequality really exist? examining the effects of racism on system-justifying beliefs LESLIE, Sheridy Steele, J. 2007/2008
Does teaching children with autism to communicate with PECS result in reduced problem behaviour across settings? LEVINSON, Sarah Perry, A. & Koudys, J. 2008/2009
Does the Feeling of Joy or Flow originate from a structure(s) in the limbic system within the reward circuitry: With a focus on the Amygdala BEHBOUDI, Minou DeSouza, J. F. X. 2015/2016
Does the orientation of a background influence the speed of recognizing titled objects? BADULESCU, Angela (Roberts) Harris, L. 2006/2007
Does theory of mind develop in accordance with the order of tasks presented in the Guttman scale? JENSEN, Danika Legerstee, M. 2010/2011
Dominant eye, The FEINSTEIN, Jenna Mapp, A. 2006/2007
Early child communicative gestures and later use of mental state language CORDEIRO, Kristina Legerstee, M. 2009/2010
Early Monocular Enucleation Results in Reduced Functional Activation of the Face-Selective Cortical Network TCHERASSEN, Keyvan Steeves, J. 2013/2014
Early Therapy Process Groups and Differences in Interpersonal Problems in the Experiential Treatment of Depression BACH, David Pos, A. 2011/2012
Eating disorders and addiction: Comparing eating disorder treatment outcomes among clients with and without comorbid substance use disorder HO , Victoria Lalonde, R. N. 2007/2008
Eating disturbances and interpersonal relationships as predictors of depressive symptoms among emerging adults BROWN, Ahuva Rawana, J. S. 2010/2011
Eating- and Weigh-Related Risk Factors for Depressive Symptoms in Emerging Adulthood HASSIBI, Behzad Rawana, J. S. 2011/2012
Education psychology 3410: The power of passion FAWCETT, Carol Sheese, S. 2009/2010
Effect of attention on the declarative and procedural aspects of tool knowledge, The MIRZOEV, Alexander Park, N. 2009/2010
Effect of bilingualism in children's ability to solve a perspective-taking task, The SHAHINI, Vjollca Bialystok, E. 2007/2008
Effect of Body Orientation on Depth Perception, The NOUKHOVITCH, Evguenia Harris, L. 2011/2012