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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Client experience of motivational interviewing adapted for anxiety, The HANNIGAN, Heather Westra, H. 2006/2007
Client Perspectives on Corrective Experiences in Cognitive Behaviourial Therapy and Motivational Interviewing for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A Pilot Study KHATTRA, Jasmine Angus, L. 2012/2013
Clients' Expressed Emotional Arousal in Therapy: Does it Help Resolve Depression? PAOLONE, Danielle A. Pos, A. 2012/2013
Cognitive and emotional models of boredom CHERNENKO, Elena Eastwood, J. 2006/2007
Cognitive and neural correlates of belief bias syllogistic reasoning STEPHEN, Alexiis Toplak, M. 2008/2009
Cognitive Consequences of Fat Shaming (Not Received) MELLOM, Kristi Wiseheart, M. 2014/2015
Combination of egocentric and allocentric information in predicting the location of an occluded moving target COMISHEN, Michael Crawford, D. 2010/2011
Common anomalies in the perception of health statistics DE JONG, Steven Green, C. D. 2009/2010
Communicative accuracy and efficiency as a measure of written expression in young adults CAIRO, Cassandra Toplak, M. 2009/2010
Community and condom use: The relationship between a sense of community and the sexual health of men who have sex with men ELDRIDGE, Matthew Hynie, M. 2008/2009
Compactness as a priori constraint for the three-dimensional perception of two-dimensional line drawings KIM, Kye Y. Murray, R. 2009/2010
Comparing Pre-Post Change Across Groups: Guidelines for Choosing between Difference Scores, ANCOVA, and Residual Change Scores JENNINGS, Megan A. Cribbie, R. 2013/2014
Comparing simultaneous and temporal order judgments at two different distances using unimodal and multimodal stimuli KATZ, Shael Harris, L. 2008/2009
Comparing the Visual and the Visual Memory Updating Responses in Superior Colliculus Visual Neurons during Slow Eye Movements ALIPOUR-NAZARI, Sina Crawford, D. 2012/2013
Comparison in perceived parental job satisfaction in Canada: Children of immigrant and children of Canadian-born parents, A BAINERMAN, Corey Lalonde, R. N. 2006/2007
Comparison of adults and infants in regards to processing speed, A GALEA, Lindsay Adler, S. 2006/2007
Comparison of Psychological and Physical Health and Mortality Rate of Elite Male Soccer Players and General Population DEHGHANSAI, Nima Bebko, J. 2013/2014
Competency and Colonialism: Aboriginal Child Rearing Teachings from Elders MUIR, Nicole Bohr, Y. 2012/2013
Concepts of Disconformity from an Existential Perspective: Relevance and Consequences for Psychology GOLTSIS, Kristina Teo, T. 2011/2012
Condom use among university students in Ukraine and Canada: The effect of perceived social norms, attitudes, perceived behavioral control, gender role attitudes, and individualism/collectivism KAZYEVA, Larysa Hynie, M. 2007/2008
Conjuction search and eye movements in 3-month-old infants NASEEM, Sidra Adler, S. 2010/2011
Contrast discrimination in early monocular blindness SHROFF, Puneet Steeves, J. 2009/2010
Contributions of Infant Pain Regulation and Caregiver Emotional Availability to Preschool Executive Functioning, The KHAN, Maria (SPECIALIZED) Pillai Riddell, R. 2013/2014
Contributions of Parental Sensitivity and Distress Regulation on Executive Functioning: Moderated by Attachment Security?, The KELLY, Eleni (SPECIALIZED) Pillai Riddell, R. 2015/2016
Controlling for racial bias in jury decision-making: Assessing the effectiveness of the challenge for cause procedure CREWE, Katie Schuller, R. 2009/2010
Controlling Prejudice: The Impact of Non-Biased Responding on Implicit and Explicit Prejudice LOI, Kevin Q. (SPECIALIZED) Kawakami, K. 2013/2014
Coping with Boredom: Does Risky Gambling Remediate State Boredom? SCHULZ, Nicole Eastwood, J. 2013/2014
Coping with Breast Cancer : Congruence in Perception of Suport and Relationship SHATOKHINA, Kristina Fergus, K. 2014/2015
Couples Living with a Permanent Ostomy: A Grounded Theory Analysis ISAACS, Jason Y. Fergus, K. 2014/2015
Critical Analysis of the DSM's Implicit Support of the Medical Model and A Humanistic Alternative, A FEINGOLD, Lisa Teo, T. 2013/2014
Cross-cultural differences in academic failure and its effect on increased academic effort GOHEEN, Lindsay Hynie, M. 2007/2008
Cross-cultural differences in attitudes toward suicide: A comparison of South Korean and Indian university students in Toronto, Canada SALAS, Sheila Fleming, S. 2010/2011
Cross-cultural investigation of implicit racial attitudes and social status awareness: A social-cognitive-developmental perspective from Brunei Darussalam, A (Templeton Award) TAY, Elaine Steele, J. 2008/2009
Cross-Modal Cueing of Visual Attention: Examining Cue Type and Validity Expectancy, The COLANGELO, Anthony (SPECIALIZED) Murtha, S. 2011/2012
Cues to Gender in Children's Faces SLAVAT, Natalie (SPECIALIZED) Wilkinson, F. 2015/2016
Cultural beliefs and perceptions of survivors of childhood sexual abuse MCCARDELL, Sarah Ross, E. C. 2007/2008
Cultural Differences in Psychological Reactance: Responding to Censorship KERMANI, Mohammad Saeid Lalonde, R. N. 2013/2014
Cultural versus personal perceptions of adult survivors of child sexual abuse WATTERS, Daniella Ross, E. C. 2010/2011
Culturally based conflict: Examining academic achievement pressure in Chinese Canadians and European Canadians SO, Stephanie Lalonde, R. N. 2007/2008
Curiosity as a pathway to emotional well-being HERMANTO, Nicola (SPECIALIZED) Mongrain, M. 2010/2011
Dance Intervention for People with Parkinson's Disease: Investigating the Impacts of Dance on Motor Functions and Quality of Life, A MCDONALD, Katherine C. DeSouza, J. F. X. 2013/2014
Dating Violence Among Adolescents in an Inpatient Treatment Centre ASGHARI, Melody Connolly, J. A. 2013/2014
Default Network Modulation During Executive Control WALSH, Kathleen (SPECIALIZED) Turner, G. 2014/2015
Defining "Real Rape": The Effect of Victim Bodyweight and Emotional Display on Responses to Sexual Assault Victims ABAVI, Rebecca Schuller, R. 2015/2016
Defining and Measuring Growth: Bridging the Gap between Educational Theory and Practice RUSH, Aryana Sheese, R. 2011/2012
Defining Crisis in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder WINGSIONG, Aranda C. (SPECIALIZED) Weiss, J. 2011/2012
Democratic dialogue in education: Obstacles in education that prevent interaction PUROHIT, Rahul Sheese, R. 2009/2010
Demographic factors in young children's performance on measures of cognitive development FRIEDLAND, Ninat Johnson, J. 2006/2007
Depressed mood, emotional regulation, and aggressive relationships in emerging adulthood: A cross-sectional study D'ANGELO, Nadia Rawana, J. S. 2008/2009
Depression, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Grief in the Surviving Family Members of Peace and Police Officers who Die in the Line-of-Duty PLUNKETT, Amanda Flemming, S. 2012/2013