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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
Association between maternal empathy, parenting style, and mother-infant skin conductance response synchrony, The AZARAKHSH, Vida Stieben, J. 2008/2009
Association between the myside task and ADHD ratings in a developmental sample ABEDI, Saqina Toplak, M. 2011/2012
Association of Parental Expressed-Emotion and Emotional Regulation of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, The ALBAUM, Carly (SPECIALIZED) Weiss, J. 2013/2014
Atmosphere of education, The KHAN, Hasan Sheese, R. 2008/2009
Attachment and therapeutic alliance among children in residential treatment faculties DYSON, Amanda Muller, R. T. 2007/2008
Attachment as a mediator in the relationship between both psychological abuse and witnessing psychological abuse in childhood, and later psychopathology GRAGTMANS, Kristin Muller, R. T. 2007/2008
Attitudes towards aging and pain in public lecture attendees KATZ, Laura Gagliese, L. 2007/2008
Attitudes towards creativity and education: The design for creative instructions NG, Aery Sheese, R. 2008/2009
Attribution style & mood enhancement following the 3 good things exercise LIN, Andrew Mongrain, M. 2007/2008
Atypical Lateralization of Face Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder: An fMRI Investigation Using Individual Functional Localization REPLETE, Vladislava Stevens, D. 2015/2016
Audio-visual speech synchronization in humans BOAHENE, Oduro K. Fallah, M. 2010/2011
Auditory Pattern Separation in an MTL Patient with Dentate Gyrus Lesions CAZES, Jaime Rosenbaum, S. R. 2015/2016
Autism and connectivity Wehbe, R. Stieben, J. 2010/2011
Autobiographical Experience, Semantic Knowledge, and Novelty Modulate the Hippocampal Response to Laboratory-based Episodic Recollection of Spatial Scenes BAKER, Stevenson W. Rosenbaum, S. 2012/2013
Autobiographical memory: The retelling of life events and how sex affects recall NAPIER, Kyla Desrocher, M. 2008/2009
Averting the tragedy of the global commons: What are we willing to pay? RITVO, Sarah Katz, J. 2008/2009
Bearing Witness to Clients' Trauma: Experiences of Novice and Experienced Therapists GIRI, Prapti Rutherford, A. 2014/2015
Becoming a feminist psychologist: Contextualizing the development of feminist identity CAPLAN, Lori Rutherford, A. 2010/2011
Behavior of three captive African cichlid species: The role of interspecies aggression MOLA, Renata MacDonald, S. 2007/2008
Behavioural assessment of executive function in pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis HO, Cynthia S. Till, C. 2010/2011
Behavioural regulation and emotional functioning in pediatric multiple sclerosis UDLER, Elizabeth Till, C. 2009/2010
Bibliometric Analysis of Hormones and Behaviour Journal Between 1971-2000 MOLDAVSKI, Hanna Pettit, M. 2015/2016
Bidirectional dating violence and its correlates GORDON, Angelique Connolly, J. A. 2009/2010
Bilingualism and abstract working memory PYNN, Laura Cepeda, N. 2007/2008
Bilingualism and executive functioning LEE, Mavis Bialystok, E. 2008/2009
Biography of empathy as a scientific object, A AREND, Stefan Rutherford, A. 2011/2012
Blurring reality: The relationship between American legal crime television viewing and perception of Canadian justice system TRUONG, Florence (SPECIALIZED) Mar, R. A. 2010/2011
Boosting algorithms for the estimation of geometric receptive field models of V1 neurons DHINDSA, Jaskiret Elder, J. 2008/2009
Boredom and Persian Culture: Evaluation of the Multidimensional State Boredom Scale for Use with a Persian Population TOUYEH, Fariba (SPECIALIZED) Eastwood, J. 2011/2012
Boredom and personality: A measure of boredom and the Big Five NOSWORTHY, Nicole Eastwood, J. 2006/2007
Bridging the Gap: Decreasing Distancing from Blacks through Increasing Identification NGUYEN, John Kawakami, K. 2014/2015
Bystander Effect in Cyberbullying: The Roles Bystanders Play and their Experiences, The LAMEIRO, Melanie Pepler, D. 2014/15
Can children with autism use pragmatic inferencing to learn new words? MOUNEIMNEH, Heba Casenhiser, D. 2010/2011
Can mindful awareness diffuse revenge? ROMAN, Nathaniel McGregor, I. 2010/2011
Can we distinguish the older face? A relative age task tuning into the ability to perceive age in faces ADAMS, Laura Wilkinson, F. 2008/2009
Captive polar bears: Environmental influences on stereotypic behaviour and normal activity HARRISON, Michelle MacDonald, S. 2010/2011
Caregiver-infant interactions and parenting stress LISHAK, Victoria Bohr, Y. 2006/2007
Caregivers' Experience of Burden and its Effect on Seeking Services: Is it Different for Parents of Children with Autism? DONOSO, Daniela Weiss, J. 2012/2013
Categorical Perception of Face Identity in Macaca Mulatta TALLMAN, Josh N/A 2011/2012
CBT for childhood anxiety disorders: The relationship between childhood and parental anxiety and the impact of parents' anxiety on their children's therapeutic success KLINE, Jordana Bohr, Y. 2007/2008
Challenge for cause procedure: Reducing racial bias in the courtroom, The KEYVANI, Arash Schuller, R. 2008/2009
Challenges Faced by International Students: A Qualitative Study, The VIGOR, Jana Wintre, M. G. 2012/2013
Challenging the challenge for cause: Alleviating racial bias in the courtroom LEVINE, Natalie Schuller, R. 2008/2009
Characterization of declarative memory in a developmental amnesic person ABRAHAM, Nachum Rosenbaum, S. 2008/2009
Child Self-Regulation across Contexts: The Role of Executive Functioning CALIC, Masa Pillai Riddell, R. 2013/2014
Childhood Head Injury and Social Outcomes into Young Adulthood: A Phenomenological Investigation HAMIDI, Elham Fatemeh Desrocher, M 2013/14
Children with autism and comprehension of prepositions: A pilot study using the preferential looking paradigm DZEKO, Jasmine Casenhiser, D. 2010/2011
Children's implicit and explicit gender stereotyping in mathematics: Examining stereotype stratification in early elementary school LOI, Anna Steele, J. 2006/2007
Children's risk factors and perceptions of physical restraints: The role of externalizing problems and anxiety PILON-BOWLER, Theresa Muller, R. T. 2010/2011
Circadian variations on visual sensitivity in adolescents during optimal and non-optimal times ALI, Nafiza Wilkinson, F. 2010/2011