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Undergraduate Theses

Title Author Supervisor Year
The "Fishing Task" as an Indicator of the "Jumping to Conclusions" Bias in Schizophrenia BISHIR, Nada Heinrichs, W. 2013/2014
"A woman in distress": exploring the narratives of feminists who experience(d) depression MACKAY, Jenna Rutherford, A. 2008/09
"Anti-psychiatry" and "consumer/survivor" movement in toronto, 1974-1993, The. MARCHESANO, Claudia Teo, T. 2010/2011
"Bottom-stream" experience in inner city schools: Somali parents' experience with special education, The MAHAMED, Fowzia Bebko, J. 2005/06
"Hot" and "cold" deductive reasoning in schizophrenia patients MIRIAN, Dario Heinrichs, R. W. 2009/10
"How-to" magazine articles: effect of exposure to magazine articles on body image, self-esteem, affect and intent to change among young women, The GRAY, Madelaine Mills, J. S. 2005/06
"It's not you. It's me!" Interpersonal circumplex and Five Factor Model assessment of the influence of rater's personality upon the ratings of others BERGER, Jared Trobst, K. 2006/07
"Voulez-vous manger avec moi?" Sociosexual orientation and food sharing BORGES-HO, Sasha Hynie, M. 2008/09
A Critical Analysis of the DSM's Implicit Support of the Medical Model and A Humanistic Alternative FEINGOLD, Lisa Teo, T. 2013/2014
A Dance Intervention for People with Parkinson's Disease: Investigating the Impacts of Dance on Motor Functions and Quality of Life MCDONALD, Katherine Charlotte DeSouza, J. F. 2013/2014
A Psychometric Evaluation of the Multidimensional State of Boredom Scale. DYER, Kieran (Specialized) Eastwood, J. 2012/2013
A Thematic Analysis of Client's Early Expression of Needs During Experiential Therapy for Depression FERREIRA, Natalie (Specialized) Pos, A. 2012/2013
Academic achievement in first year university: who maintains their high school average? DILOUYA, Barry Wintre, M. G. 2008/09
Acquisition of English morphology in young school age children WATSON-GAZE, James Blake, J. 2006/07
Activism from within: Feminist Psychologists Challenge the Ethics of Therapist-Client Sexual Relations in the 1970s KIM, Susanna Rutherford, A. 2013/2014
Adapting the conditioned head turn (CHT) procedure for the use with autistic children: a proposed methodology MIKAC, Neven Casenhiser, D. 2006/07
ADHD: attention on deficits hyper-accentuates disorder HOMSY, Gloria Sheese, R. 2007/08
Adolescent romantic relationships and depression in China: applicability of the attention impairment model JI, Eugene Connolly, J. A. 2008/09
Adolescents with physically or mentally ill parents: PTSD and its relation to family coherence and adaptation DIPLACITO, Josephine Fleming, S. 2007/08
Adult performance on tasks of spatial memory and metamemory MAMOON, Mehvish Desrocher, M. 2006/07
Age and time of day effects in switching and inhibition ISRAELSTAM, Toyah Pascual-Leone, J. 2006/07
Age of Disease-Onset and IQ as Moderators of Cognitive Decline in Pediatric-Onset Multiple Sclerosis Patients. HOSSEINI, Banafsheh Till, C. 2012/2013
Aggressive girls: child risk factors (MISSING - April 30, 2015) JOHNSTON, Carla L. Pepler, D. 2004/05
Aggressive girls: family risk factors (MISSING - April 30, 2015) FERRANTE, Paola Pepler, D. 2004/05
Aging and mild traumatic brain injury: aggregate effects on cognition PALEJA, Meera Rich, J. B. 2006/07
All in a word: determinants of interpersonal emotional expectations SALICCO, Tina McCann, D. 2006/07
Alpha Wave Activity During Kinesthetic Motor Imagery with Eyes Closed: An EEG Study of Dancers with and Without Musical Training ANDREW, Ruth-Anne DeSouza, J. F. 2013/2014
Alternative to forgiveness: exploring the notion of grudges and related variables, An ISRAELSTAM, Jessica Struthers, W. 2008/09
An Examination of Subjective Memory in Breast Cancer Survivors AMIEL, Chelsea Rich, J. B. 2013/2014
An Investigation into the Relationship between Religiosity and Women's Attitudes Toward Professional Help Seeking Behaviour BEARD-MARTIN, Ginger MacDonald, S. 2013/2014
Analysis of Infant Pain Reactivity and Regulation in the Context of Prior Painful Medical History, An. SHAEVITCH, Dana Pillai-Riddell, R. 2011/2012
Anger in Emotion-Focused Therapy AVIRAM, Tal Greenberg, L. S. 2006/07
Anger resolution and emotional injuries: a study of change processes ROSZELL, Shannon Greenberg, L. S. 2005/06
Animal magnetism: testing the animacy bias across primate species LUBINSKY, Michael Hoffman, K. 2009/10
Anxiety sensitivity and pain catastrophizing as predictors of postoperative pain disability GUTENBERG, Pnina Katz, J. 2005/06
Anxiety, bullying and cognitive behavioural therapy - Can a CBT treatment program for anxiety alleviate bullying in anxious youths? DRAGO, Marlo Bohr, Y. 2008/09
Apples vs. apples: the impact of activating categorical processing on assimilation of the self-concept to primed social groups BRNJAS, Amy Kawakami, K. 2008/09
Are bilingual children more advanced in spatial reasoning? Evidence from the perspective-taking task. GREENBERG, Anastasia Bialystok, E. 2010/2011
Are psychologists utilizing advances in quantitative methods? ABDULLA, Eva Cribbie, R. 2007/08
Are you Lost? Cognitive Processes in Spatial Navigation. WOLKIN, Stephanie M. Johnson, J. 2011/2012
Are you the one?: a historical analysis of sexual selection and attraction. SOLOMON, Shirley Pettit, M. 2010/2011
Argument involvement and response to a treatment rationale in social anxiety GOSEK, Ivana Westra, H. 2006/07
Arousing sounds and short term memory recall TEITELMAN, Robbie Murtha, S. 2007/08
Asperger-like tendency and ability to recognize the emotional expression in a face, eyes and mouth DOBRINA, Roksana Steeves, J. 2008/09
Assessing Mammalian Movement and the Reliability of Tracking Techniques: Technology Based Versus Traditional Tracking ASHOUR, Sina MacDonald, S. 2013/2014
Assessing the applicability of family role classification from the adult children of alcoholics literature in understanding adult children of abuse HILL, Amanda Wintre, M. G. 2006/07
Assessing the problem-solving abilities of patients with frontal lobe lesions using real-world planning task JAQUES, Ranjit Goel, V. 2006/07
Association between maternal empathy, parenting style, and children's no-go N2, The ORLANDO, Laura Shanker, S. 2007/08
Association between maternal empathy, parenting style, and mother-infant skin conductance response synchrony, The AZARAKHSH, Vida Shanker, S. & Stieben, J. 2008/09
Association between the myside task and ADHD ratings in a developmental sample ABEDI, Saqina Toplak, M. 2011/2012