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Graduate Theses

Titlesort descending Author Supervisor Year
Outcomes in adolescents and adults with Autism Levy, A. Perry, A. 2010
Paired-samples test of equivalence Mara, C. A. Cribbie, R. 2010
Parental burden for parents of adults with Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities: Family support as a moderator Robinson, S. M. Weiss, J. 2013
Parental divorce and students' transition to university: An investigation of gender, timing of divorce, and remarriage Ames, M. E. Wintre, M. 2009
Parenting risk, maternal functioning, and ego development among substance-using mothers Zimmerman, P. A. F. Pepler, D. 2011
Parents' involvement in behavioural intervention for their children with Autism Solish, A. J. Perry, A. 2010
Perceived service efficacy in mothers in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Tint, A. Weiss, J. 2012
Perceived weight and physical activity: Predictors of depression trajectories from adolescence to emerging adulthood Mcphie, M. L. Rawana, J. 2012
Perceptions of sexual assault: Expectations regarding the emotional response of a rape victim Klippenstine, M. A. Schuller, R. 2010
Perceptual consequences and neural basis of monocular occlusions, The Tsirlin, I. Wilcox, L. 2013
Perfectionism in the context of burnout, job satisfaction, and depression Fairlie, P. Flett, G. 2011
Perfectionism, affect intensity, rumination and health Galfi-Pechenkov, I. Flett, G. 2011
Perfectionism, dependency, shame, and stress within the context of evaluative threat Kaldas, J. Flett, G., & MacDonald, S. 2010
Perfectionism, distress tolerance, emotional self-efficacy, and psychological distress: An analysis of emotional perfectionism Hassan, S. Flett, G. 2010
Perfectionism, negative social feedback and interpersonal rumination in depression and social anxiety Nepon, T. B. Flett, G. 2010
Persistent pain in a community-based sample of children and adolescents Fuss, S. Katz, J. 2010
Phantom shock in cardiac patients with an implantable cardioverter Defibrillator Bilanovic, A. Irvine, J. 2009
Physical dating aggression in adolescence: A meta-analytic review of prevalence rates Wincentak, J. K. Connolly, J. 2011
Picture Exchange Communication System: A community implementation study, The Koudys, J. Perry, A. 2012
Positive psychology interventions targeting needy and self-critical individuals Anselmo, T. T. Mongrain, M. 2009
Predictors of change in crisis for mothers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder MacMullin, J. A. Weiss, J. 2011
Prefrontal cortex involvement in joke detection and appreciation Chau, A. Goel, V. 2010
Prenatal attachment: Strengthening the link between empathy and prenatal attachment (MISSING: 9/10/15) Bayrami, L. Shanker, S 2010
Project for a Judaism-inspired transpersonal psychology Lefcoe, Y. Rennie, D. 2011
Promoting gratitude: Advantages for those vulnerable to depression Sergeant, S. M. Mongrain, M. 2009
Psychological and quality of life outcomes of primary and secondary prevention implantable cardioverter defibrillator recipients: A longitudinal study Rotondi-Trevisan, D. L. Irvine, J. 2009
Psychosocial functioning in children and adolescents wearing myoelectric prostheses Hubbard, J. L. Muller, R. 2010
Reason to reason: The effect of monetary incentives on logical reasoning, A Kamani, Z. Goel, V. 2012
Reducing racial bias in the courtroom: Reflective race-based jury selection questioning Fitzgerald, K. Schuller, R. 2009
Reducing stigma of Schizophrenia among high school youth Hartman, L. I. Goldberg, J. 2012
Relationship between caregiver emotional availability, verbal reassurance, and infant pain responses during immunization, The Racine, N. M. Pillali Riddell, R. 2011
Relationship between code-switching and task switching in Cantonese-English bilinguals, The Yim, O. Bialystok, E. 2010
Relationship between maternal depression, rigidity in mother-child interactions, and child externalizing behaviour, The Kanter, D. A. Bohr, Y. 2012
Relationship between pain and posttraumatic stress symptoms in palliative care, The Roth, M. L. Katz, J. 2009
Relative numerosity discrimination by orangutans Das, R. Russon, A. 2009
Resolving the projection of an occluded stimulus on the human cortical surface DeSimone, K. Schneider, K. 2013
Right to silence: investigating the comprehensibility of Canada's police caution, The Davis, K. M. Moore, T. 2010
Risk and protective predictors of depression trajectories among adolescents from immigrant backgrounds Nguyen, H. Rawana, J. 2010
Risk and resilience to depressive symptoms in a longitudinal study of emerging adults in university Wachala, E. Wintre, M. 2011
Role of bilingualism and socioeconomic status in executive functioning, The Calvo, A. Bialystok, E. 2011
Role of low-pass natural lighting regularities in human visual perception, The Morgenstern, Y. Murry, R. 2011
Role of orbital frontal cortex on emotional reasoning, The Lam, H. L. (Elaine) Goel, V. 2012
Role of repetitive behavior, The Presley, L. Shanker, S. 2011
Role of self-concept clarity in the quality and content of autobiographical memory in emerging adulthood, The Stewart, A. C. Desrocher, M. 2010
Role of the prefrontal cortex in suppression of prepotent behaviours, The Ovaysikia, S. DeSouza, J. 2009
Romantic Experience and Depressive Problems in Adolescence: An Application of the Developmental Appropriateness Model McIsaac, C. M. Connolly, J. 2010
Romantic rejection sensitivity and negative adolescent romantic relationship experiences Di Domenico, M. R. Connolly, J. 2013
Self-report of symptoms in adolescents with ADHD Conners, L. L. L. Toplak, M. 2013
Sex bias in visual perferences for faces and hindquarters in female Macaques Bucca, K. A. Hoffman, K. 2010
Shape and luminance cues for the visual perception of glow Kim, M. Murray, R. 2011