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Graduate Theses

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Emotional intelligence as a moderator of distress in parents of children with autism Cooper, E. K. Perry, A. 2012
Enhancing couples' communication through Systemic-Constructivist Couple Therapy: The relationship between marital listening and relationship quality Doell, F. K. Reid, D. 2010
Enhancing the quality of South Asian marriages through Systemic-Constructivist Couple Therapy (SCCT): Investigating the role of couple identity in marital satisfaction Ahmad, S. S. Reid, D. 2012
Equivalence testing methods for comparing independent regression and correlation coefficients Counsell, A. L. Cribbie, R. 2013
Evaluating outreach programs for street-involved youth: A systematic review using quantitative and qualitative review of research Joly, L. E. Connolly, J. 2011
Evaluation of child variables related to outcomes of the Picture Exchange Communication System in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Mcfee, K. H. L. Bebko, J. 2011
Evolution of American psychoanalysis: Changing realities, changing techniques, The Stevenson, H. Weizmann, F. 2011
Evolution, education, and eugenics: Organic selection in Progressive Era America Young, J. L. Green, C. 2009
Examination and training of memory strategies in children with Autism, The Rhee, T. Bebko, J. 2009
Examination of musical experience effects on working memory and interference control, An Blumenthal, G. Wiseheart, M. 2013
Examination of the relationship between poverty, adolescent parenting, and child abuse potential: predictors of resilience in a community sample, An Dhayanandan, B. Bohr, Y. 2009
Examining family-based treatment for adolescents with restricting eating disorders Foroughe, M. F. Desrocher, M. 2010
Examining the development of mental time travel and its role in time-based thinking Kwan, D. Rosenbaum, S. 2010
Executive function and false recall in nonverbal learning disability Gates, L. L. Desrocher, M. 2009
Executive function and social cognition in typically developing adolescents Walker, D. R. Desrocher, M. 2009
Executive functioning, social cognition, and social skills in children and adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Major, D. Desrocher, M. E. 2009
Experience of parenting in patients with haematological cancer and their spouses, The Fernandes, C. B. Muller, R. 2010
Expert evidence in Mr. Big cases: Does it inform mock jurors' decision making? Gagnier, K. R. Moore, T. 2009
Exploration of factors influencing the early therapeutic alliance in a treatment program for child trauma McLewin, L. A. Muller, R. 2010
Exploration of placebo analgesia: From mechanisms of action to the ethics of placebo experimentation, An Martin, A. L. Katz, J. 2010
Exploratory factor analysis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder symptoms in pain and pain-free patients scheduled for major surgery Page, G. Katz, J. 2009
Exploring online loving-kindness and CBT interventions: Do individuals vulnerable to depression improve? Shapira, L. B. Mongrain, M. 2012
Extensiveness and persistence of aggressive media as longitudinal risk factors for dating aggression in adolescence Friedlander, L. J. Connolly, J. 2011
Eye movement control in children with Tourette Syndrome Tajki-Parvinchi, D. Sandor, P. 2011
Face recognition: Processing viewpoint and identity information Or, C. F. C. Wilson, H. 2011
Facilitating narrative and emotion integration in Emotion-Focused Therapy for trauma: Impact on treatment outcomes Carpenter, N. Angus, L. 2012
Factors affecting proprioceptive localization Jones, S. A. H. Henriques, D. 2011
Factors influencing the choice of foraging route in wild East Bornean Orangutans (Pongo Pygmaeus Morio) Bebko, A. Russon, A. 2012
Factors underlying cognitive giftedness: Mental VS perceptual attention Howard, S. J. Johnson, J. 2009
Family impact of raising a child with autism across families from different cultures Luthra, N. Perry, A. 2010
Family quality of life: Measurement and validty Weiss, O. Perry, A. 2013
Feature processing, illusory conjunctions and long-term memory in early infancy Rajchel, J. Adler, S. 2010
fMRI evidence for physical and social conditional reasoning brain modules Pelletier, S. Goel, V. 2011
Follow-up of Canadian adolescents with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Identifying long-term outcomes, treatment needs and access to services, A Todorow, M. Moore, T. 2011
From 'sex toy' to intrusive imposition: A qualitative examination of women's experiences with vaginal dilator use following treatment for gynecological cancer Cullen, K. S. Fergus, K. 2011
Full-information maximum-likelihood estimation of noncompensatory IRT models Chalmers, R. P. Flora, D. 2012
Getting into her genes: The reflexive impact of psychology in contemporary seduction manuals Gravatt, S. T. Pettit, M. 2012
Giftedness: The roles of metacognition, executive functions and achievement motivation Hampson, W. J. Desrocher, M. 2009
Grandparental caregiving in the context of immigration in Chinese-Canadian families Shih, C. S. Bohr, Y. 2012
Group-based Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for women with Binge Spectrum Eating Disorders in an outpatient setting: A preliminary comparison Tweed, S. R. Greenberg, L. 2013
Han Selye: Salesman of stress Oosenbrug, E. Pettit, M. 2011
Heterosexual romantic activities in early adolescence: Longitudinal analysis of multiple and bidirectional influences with parents and peers Goldberg, A. Connolly, J. 2010
Hierarchical factor model of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Oppositional-defiant disorder comorbidity and neuropsychological correlates, The DeBono, A. Toplak M. 2012
How atypical maternal behaviour is associated with maternal psychosocial variables and children's internalizing, externalizing and total problem behaviour Halpert, B. A. Bohr, Y. 2012
Human cyclovergence Zacher, J. E. Howard, I. 2013
I like me, I like you not? the development of implicit racial attitudes in childhood (MISSING: 28 OCTOBER 14) Williams, T. A. Steele, J 2012
Iconic memory: Examining short-term visual memory abilities in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder McMorris, C. A. Bebko, J. 2009
If breast is best, why stop now? Using the Grounded Theory Method to understand why primiparous mothers stop breastfeedong earlier than planned Berk, L. E. Irvine, J. 2010
Impact of community-based Intensive Behavioural Intervention, The Flanagan, H. E. Perry, A. 2009
Impact of gender stereotypes and complainant ethnicity on mock jurors' evaluations of a sexual assault Misik, T. Schuller, R. 2010