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Graduate Theses

Titlesort descending Author Supervisor Year
Contribution of empathy to early alliance building and emotional processing during experiential treatment of depression, The Spigelman, A. Pos, A. 2011
Contributions of psychological maltreatment and complex PTSD to the prediction of substance use problem severity among youth, The Rosenkranz, S. E. Muller, R. 2011
Coping and adjustment to disability in persons with Spinal Cord Injury Sturman, V. Kohn, P. 2010
Creation and construction validity of MMPI-2-RF based personality disorders scales, The Ayearst, L. E. Flora, D. 2010
Cross-cultural study on the experience and self-regulation of shame and guilt, A Su, C. Hynie, M. 2010
Cross-sectional examination of the relationships between caregiver proximal soothing and infant pain over the first year of life, A Campbell, L. E. Pillai Riddell, R. 2012
Cue-reactivity and attention in Binge Eating Disorder Ng, L Davis, C. 2010
Cultural deterrents to professional help-seeking: Examination of the ethnic-match theory among East Asian Canadians Zhao, W. (Wendy) McCann, D. 2012
Cultural differences in attitudinal ambivalence and attitude pliability Ng, A. H. Hynie, M. 2010
Cumulative risk for deliberate self-harm among treatment-seeking women with histories of childhood abuse Bedi, R. Muller, R 2012
Detecting feigned Posttraumatic Stress Disorder with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 and the Trauma Symptom Inventory Bury, A. S. Brooker, H. 2012
Determining the picture perception mode used by Sumatran orangutans (pongo abelii) Floyd, C. R. MacDonald, S. 2012
Development and application of the narrative-emotion integration coding system in brief emotion-focused and client-centered treatment of depression, The Bryntwick, E. Angus, L. 2009
Development of Cognitive Flexibility in Elementary School-Aged Children: Contributions from Working Memory Strength and Inhibition, The Ng, C. K. Y. Cepeda, N. 2009
Development of distress expressions over the first year of life: A longitudinal analysis, The Kohut, S. A. Pillai Riddell, R. 2012
Development of narrative and persuasive writing: Links to mental attention, executive function and oral production, The Balioussis, C. Johnson, J. 2010
Development of the Sensitivity to Pain Traumatization (SPT) scale using item response theory analysis Roosen, K. Katz, J. 2009
Development of verbal fluency in children: An examination of switching, clustering, metastrategic awareness and timing effects, The Tuck, S. Desrocher, M. 2012
Developmental course of physical aggression and depressive symptoms in adolescence: predictors of trajectory group membership, The Avgoustis, E. Pepler, D. 2010
Developmental differences in stereoscopic discrimination: Is perceptual grouping responsible for depth discrimination deficits in adults? Solski, A. Wilcox, L. 2011
Developmental model of the adjustment of undergraduate international students, A Chavoshi, S. S. Wintre, M. 2012
Developmental risk and protective factors: Predicting trajectories of depression from a national sample Gentile, P. Rawana, J. 2013
Developmental Trajectories of Adolescent Substance Use Yamada, S. Pepler, D. 2009
Developmental trajectories of young children with autism enrolled in an Intensive Behaviour Intervention program: What the ABLLS can tell us about their progress Sullivan, A. Perry, A. 2010
Diathesis-stress model for the study of depression in youth with Autism spectrum disorders, A Fung, S. Weiss, J. 2013
Dieter's dilemma: Understanding food choice behaviour in female restrained eaters, The Van Exan, J. Mills, J. 2010
Differential modulation of parallel and serial search by exogenous and endogenous attention Mander, C. M. Elder, J. 2011
Dissociating the memory systems mediating complex tool knowledge and skills Roy, S. Park, N. 2009
Distress Regulation in Infancy: Attachment and Tempermant in the Context of Acute Pain Horton, R. E. Pillai Riddell, R. 2013
Do online positive psychology interventions work equally well in distressed and non-distressed users? Sergeant, S. M. Mongrain, M. 2013
Early alliance formation in experiential therapy for depression: The influence of interpersonal processes Wong, K. K. Y. Pos, A. 2010
Early identification of autistic spectrum disorders: A retrospective analysis of early social-emotional and communicative indicators Bayrami, L. Shanker, S. 2010
Early maternal behaviour in Vancouver Island Marmots (Marmota Vancouverensis) Nankoo, J. D. MacDonald, S. 2009
Early therapy interpersonal process differentiating clients high and low in outcome expectations Ahmed, M. Westra, H. 2011
Effect of adult attachment style on post-trangression response, The Van Monsjou, E. Struthers, W. 2013
Effect of attention on unisensory and multisensory processing in the parieto-frontal network, The Pynn, L. K. DeSouza, J. 2010
Effectiveness of Intensive Behavioural Intervention in children with autism over the age of 6 years, The Blacklock, K. Perry, A. 2011
Effects of bottom-up versus top-down cues on conjunction search in 3-month-old infants Fuda, M. C. Adler, S. 2012
Effects of brain training games on cognitive performance, self-efficacy, and mood, The Branscombe-Caird, L. M. Murtha, S. 2011
Effects of choice and game outcomes on character identification, perceived control, and risk-taking, The Fong, K. Mar, R. 2011
Effects of early stage second-language learning on executive control: An ERP Study, The Sullivan, M. Bialystok, E. 2011
Effects of modified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy program to treat anxiety in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Viecili, M. Weiss, J. 2011
Effects of music and dance training on executive functions in children D'Souza, A. A. Wiseheart, M. 2013
Effects of perceived emotional support on minority stress in lesbians and gay men, The Condren, M. Greenglass, E. 2010
Effects of perceiving control over positive versus negative events Hodge, D. Greenglass, E. 2012
Effects of Visual Scenes on the Perception of Orientation, The Haji-Khamneh, B. Harris, L. 2009
Efficacy of the internalized partner SCCT technique on interpersonal processing: A randomized controlled trial, The McKay Thalmann, T. Reid, D. 2012
Eight week yoga intervention is associated with improvements in pain, psychological functioning and mindfulness and changes in cortisol levels in women with fibromyalgia, An Curtis, K. Katz, J. 2011
Eleanor Gibson and the visual cliff myth: Biography of a scientific object Rodkey, E. N. Rutheford, A. 2009
Emotional change in resolving depressive self-criticism during experiental treatment Choi, B. H. Y. Pos, A. 2013