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Graduate Theses

Titlesort ascending Author Supervisor Year
Youth engagement and the six C's of positive youth development: Adolescents' experiences as youth leaders in a violence prevention program Simkins-Strong, E. Connolly, J. 2013
Working memory and visual expectations in infants: Sensitivity to temporal decay Tung, A. S. Adler, S. 2011
Women's experiences of unforgiveness & forgiveness after an emotional injury: A grounded theory analysis Sharma, R. Greenberg, L. 2013
When sight closes in: The effects of field of view on wayfinding and spatial representations Guterman, P. S. Allison, R. 2009
Wearing my heart on my chest: Dating, new relationships, and the reconfiguration of self-esteem after breast cancer Gaydukevych, D. Fergus, K. 2012
Visuomotor adaptation and proprioceptive recalibration during reaching movements in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome patients and healthy controls Clayton, H. A. Henrique, D. 2012
Visual selective attention, aging, and mild cognitive impairment: The effects of task demands and auditory cues McLaughlin, P. M. Murtha, S. 2011
Visual function in patients with central vision loss: Characteristics and rehabilitation Tarita-Nistor, L. Steinbach, M. 2009
Using in-session change talk and counter-change talk to predict engagement in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy Button, M. Westra, H. 2013
Using general parametric splines to model the functional form of lifespan development: Age-related changes in normative psychological distress Kunkel, G. F. 2013
Using curriculum material to evaluate the spacing effect in undergraduate classrooms Kapler, I. V. Cepeda, N. 2009
Unique neural correlates of autobiographical memory and Theory of Mind Rabin, J. S. Rosenbaum, S. 2009
Understanding ostensibily fickle forgiveness: How regulatory fit (mismatch) can influence decisions to forgive Santelli, A. G. Struthers, W. 2009
Understanding driver anger and aggression: Attributional theory in the driving environment Wickens, C. M. Wiesenthal, D. 2009
Treatment development and evaluation of Emotion-Focused group therapy for women with symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa Wnuk, S. Greenberg, L. 2009
Toward a psychological theory for practicing Epistemological Reflexivity Gao, Z. Teo, T. 2012
Through a different lens: Examining the effect of person construal on children's implicit attitudes Lipman, C. Steele, J. 2013
Three-month-old infants' long-term memory for occluded shapes Castellan, D. Adler, S. 2011
Threat, low hope, and defensive belief in luck Prentice, M. McGregor, I. 2010
Therapist influence on depressed clients' therapeutic experiencing and outcome Adams, K. E. Greenberg, L. 2010
Therapist emotional reactions and client outcomes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Siegal, R. L. Westra, H. 2011
Therapeutic alliance and autobiographical memory specificity in Emotion-Focused and client-centred treatments for depression: A process-outcome analysis Watson-Gaze, J. E. Angus, L. 2011
The role of the transverse occipital sulcus in the scene - processing network Ganaden, R. E. Steeves, J. 2013
The mental health literacy and information preferences of Canadian young adults Marcus, M. A. Westra, H. 2011
The effects of TMS over dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on multiple visual object memory across fixation and sallades Tanaka, L. Crawford, D. 2013
Testing for equivalence of group variances Mara, C. A. Cribbie, R. 2013
Temporal discounting: The relationship between cognitive abilities, thinking dispositions, and real-world outcomes Basile, A. Toplak, M. 2012
Task related neuromagnetic activity underlying the visual perception of velocity change: A MEG study Wang, S. H. DeSouza, J. 2011
Sucking out the poison: Novel approaches for identifying random responders in self-report questionnaire data Marjanovic, Z. Greenglass, E. 2010
Study of post-surgical pediatric pain and pain anxiety: From validation to prediction, A Page, G Katz, J 2013
Studies of frontal versus temporal contributions to theory of mind in focal- and multi -lesion patients Zackheim, L. Rosenbaum, S. 2011
Stereotypes of child sexual abuse survivors Zafar, S. Ross, E. C. 2010
Stait-Trait Inventory for cognitive and somatic anxiety: Psychometric properties and experimental manipulation to evaluate sensitivity to change and predictive validity Roberts, K. E. Eastwood, J. 2013
Stages of change training for youth outreach workers: Bridging research, theory, and practice Knoll, G. M. Pepler, D. 2012
Stability and change in symptoms, cognition, and community outcome in Schizophrenia Miles, A. A. A. Heinrichs, R. W. 2012
Spacing effect is robust to variation in retention interval and early-onset hippocampal amnesia, The Roberts, J. L. Rosenbaum, S. 2011
Sound localisation in human observers who lost one eye early in life Hoover, A. E. N. Steeves, J. 2010
Social-information processing and experiences with victimization in children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder Schroeder, J. H. Bebko, J. 2013
Social components of impulse management: When impulsive behaviours conflict with social norms Giguere, B. Lalonde, R. 2009
Social competence in 22 month old infants: The role of infant joint attention, emotion regulation and temperment Zucal, G. Legerstee, M. 2010
Social comparison theory and the selection of comparison contexts Jenkins, G. Mar, R. 2011
Social cognition in Schizophrenia: Evaluation of a new instrument Michel, N. M. Goldberg, J. 2011
Short term follow-ups of children with Autism who have received Intensive Behavioural Intervention Prichard, E. A. Perry, A. 2011
Shape and luminance cues for the visual perception of glow Kim, M. Murray, R. 2011
Sex bias in visual perferences for faces and hindquarters in female Macaques Bucca, K. A. Hoffman, K. 2010
Self-report of symptoms in adolescents with ADHD Conners, L. L. L. Toplak, M. 2013
Romantic rejection sensitivity and negative adolescent romantic relationship experiences Di Domenico, M. R. Connolly, J. 2013
Romantic Experience and Depressive Problems in Adolescence: An Application of the Developmental Appropriateness Model McIsaac, C. M. Connolly, J. 2010
Role of the prefrontal cortex in suppression of prepotent behaviours, The Ovaysikia, S. DeSouza, J. 2009
Role of self-concept clarity in the quality and content of autobiographical memory in emerging adulthood, The Stewart, A. C. Desrocher, M. 2010