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Compendia Tests

Title Compendia Page # Type Subject (s)
Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory MCPV1-5 204 Test Parent-Child Relationship, Family Functioning
Adult-Child Interaction Schedule HFMT v1, 334 Source
Adult-Child Interaction Test HFMT v1, 316 Source
Advertising Avoidance (Direct Mail) MSH 656 Test
Advertising Avoidance (Magazines) MSH 657 Test
Advertising Avoidance (Newspapers) MSH 658 Test
Advertising Avoidance (Radio) MSH 659 Test
Advertising Avoidance (Television) MSH 660-661 Test
Affect Balance Scale MH 211, 221-224* Test
Affect Balance Scale MCPV2 38 Test
Affect Balance Scale MCPV2-4 35 Test
Affect Balance Scale MCPV2-5 35 Test Self-Concept and Esteem
Affect Exchange Scale HFMT v2, 214 Source
Affect Measures of the Couple Conflict Scales (CCS), Anxiety / Fear, Anger, Contempt / Disgust, Shame, Sadness (1998, 2002) SNM 267-279 Test
Affect Scales: Positive Affect, Negative Affect, Affect Balance (Bradburn,1969) MPSPA 83 Test
Affectional Family Relationships Questionnaire HFMT v1, 322 Source
Affectionate Communication Index (ACI) (1998) SNM 47* Test
Affective and Motivational Orientation Related to Erotic Arousal Questionnaire HSRM-3 572 Test
Affective Control Scale (ACS) PGE-A 73 Source
Affective Lability HNRS 11 Test
Affective Response (General) MSH 4 Test
Affective Response (Negative) MSH 8-Jun Test
Affective Response (Negative) MSH 5 Test
Affective Response (Positive) MSH 13-Nov Test
Affective Response (Positive) MSH 10-Sep Test
Affective Response to Ad (Approval) MSH 662 Test
Affective Response to Ad (Disapproval) MSH 663 Test
Affective Response to Ad (Negative Feelings) MSH 664-666 Test
Affective Response to Ad (Overall) MSH 667-668 Test
Affective Response to Ad (Upbeat Feelings) MSH 669-671 Test
Affective Response to Ad (Warm Feelings) MSH 672-673 Test
Affective Response to Brand MSH 14 Test
Affective Responses Toward Contraceptive Topics and Behavior Scale, Kelley, K. HSRM 162 Test
Affective Self-Disclosure Scale for Couples, The HFMT v1, 109 Source
Affective Support Scales (1992) (Kornberg A; Clarke HD) MPA 527 Test
Affective Work Competencies Inventory (Brauchle, P.E. et al.) HTM 215 Test
Affective, Normative, and Continuance Commitment TMW 51-53 Test
Affinity Seeking Instrument (ASI) (1987) (Bell RA; Tremblay SW; Buerkel-Rothfuss NL) CRM 86 Test
Afifi and Johnson Tie Signs Coding Sheet; Items for Tie Sign Functions (1999) SNM 189-198 Test
African American Acculturation Scale (AAAS) HMM Binder, 160 Test
African American Acculturation Scale - Revised (AAAS-R) HMM Binder, 158 Test
African American Acculturation Scale-R, The MRE 93 Test
African Self-Consciousness Scale (ASC) HMM Binder, 92 Test
Africentrism Scale (AS) HMM Binder, 164 Test
Africultural Coping Systems Inventory (ACSI) HMM Binder, 318 Test
Aftermath of Failed Bids Questionnaire MC 407 Test Marriage, Marriage Counselling, Marital Psychotherapy
Age Iniversal I E (Intrinsic Extrinsic) Religious Orientation Scale MR 121-123 Test
Age, Gender, and Sexual Motivation Inventory HSRM-3 582 Test
Age, Gender, and Sexual Motivation Inventory, Quadagno, D. HSRM 537 Test
Agency Cultural Competence Checklist (ACCC) CPM 275 Source