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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Personality factors in the development and courseof Cancer Moser, Andrea E. 1990, Oct.
Pessimists practising optimism: an empirically-informed online positive psychology intervention reduces depressive symptoms. Sergeant, S. 2012
Phenotypic Overlap between Autism and Moebius Syndrome: Evidence from the Autism Diagnostic Interview Drmic, Irene Eva 2005, Jan.
Piloting an intervention for grade 9 and 10 adolescents with attentional difficulties: An evaluation of the intervention's effectiveness, goal-setting, and psychoeducation components Kanter, Deborah 2014
Piloting an intervention for grade 9 and 10 adolescents with attentional difficulties: An evaluation of the intervention's effectiveness, homework problems and perceived strengths Basile, Alexandra Jan, 2014
Plugged in: electronics use in youth and young adults with autism spectrum disorder MacMullin, Jennifer 2015
Post-Traumatic stress disorder: a critical review Chown, Michael R. 1992, Sept.
Post-Traumatic Stress disorder: emerging from the chaos a critical analysis of PTSD research Ricci, Tamra 1995, Sept.
Practical Reason, Fraud, and Research Practices: A social psychology of the debate on fraud Galfi-Pechenkov, Ingrid 2017
Practice Makes perfect? A review of the literature on muslca expertise Viswanathan, M. 2014/15
Predicted reach consequences drive time course of tactile supression ( The Effects of precision and expectation on tactile suppression) Fraser, Lindsey 2017
Prediction of violence: a critical review, The McVeigh, Greg 1989, May
Predictions of future violent behavior: a literature review, The Lin, Merry C. L. 1991, Nov.
Predictors and trajectories of depressive symptoms from early adolescence to young adulthood. Morgan, A. 2012
Predictors of expectant mothers' attitudes toward pregnancy and the unborn baby Fernandes, Cheryl 2004, April
Predictors of Individual- and Collective Level Well Being Among Muslim and jewish Young Adults in Canada Cila, Jorida 2016
Predictors of personal names among bi-cultural individuals Cila, Jorida 2015
Predictors of prescription opioid use 4 months after traumatic musculoskeletal injury and corrective surgery: A prospective study Rosenbloom, Brittany 2017
Predictors of Psychopathology in Boys with Gender Identity Disorder Lambert, Susan 2006, Jan.
Preferential looking patterns in children with autism Levy, Alissa 2007, Oct.
Pregnancy and motherhood among adolescent girls in child welfare services: a meta-synthesis of qualitative research Heifetz, Marina 2011
Prenatal attachment: Strengthening the link between empathy and prenatal attachment Bayrami, Lisa 2007
Prevalence of Post-Traumatic Headache in Pediatric Populations: A Review Oczak-Arsic, Sara 2017
Program evaluation of a behaviour therapy group for parents of children with developmental disabilities Zimerman, Anona 2008, Nov.
Program Evaluation of a Postpartum Derpression Intervention Group in a diverse community-based sample: Research proposal, A Shih, Cynthia 2016
Program evaluation of the Ministry of Labour Peer Support Program McCarthy, Molly 2016
Program evaluation: assessing the effectiveness of day treatment services for children with special needs Brown, Pamela J. 1998, Feb.
Prostitution, Drug Abuse, and Traumatic Victimization: A Review of the Literature Lovald, Benedicte Ehly 2004, Dec.
Protective predictors of alcohol use trajectories among off-reserve Canadian Aboriginal youth Ames, M. E. 2011
Providing Information at the Point of Care: Educational Diagnostic Reports from a Genetic Testing Serving Provider Goos, Lisa M. 2002, Sept.
Providing scaffolding: An applied analysis on the efficacy of 4U and university level preparatory STEM courses Sigal, M. J. 2016
Psychiatric comorbidity in Autism: a critical review Landry, Reginald 1994, May
Psychobiology of Bulimia, The Lawless, Diane M. 1991, Sept.
Psychodynamic perspective on eating disorders, A McVey, Gail 1993, Jan.
Psychological distress as a mediator of the relationship between childhood maltreatment and health outcomes in adolescence: Results from the Maltreatment and Adolescent PAthways (MAP) Longitudinal Study McPhie, M 2013
Psychological Factors in Children with 22q11 Deletion HUBBARD, Janine 2010
Psychological impact of SARS on health care workers who contracted the illness, The Macaulay, Helen 2007, Sept.
Psychological interventiiversity training clinic partnership Di Domenico, Massimo 2017
Psychological Treatment of Psychosis: Intervention Strategies and Case Presentation Grifone, Rose Sept. 1999
Psychologists and business management: conflicting ethical value systems and implications for organizational development consulting Hall, Michael Hilton 1990, Nov.
Psychometric Analysis of the Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS) in a Clinical Sample, A Heisel, Marnin Jori 2001, Jan.
Psychosocial and relational adjustment of adolescent immigrants, The Smith, Carla E. 2001, June
Psychosocial predictors of pain and disability prior to surgery Martin, Andrea 2008, May.
Psychosomatic self-regulation, unconscious mediation and Darwinian evolution: a preliminary analysis Linton, Daniel Kenneth 1996, May
Psychotherapy and counseling for opoid dependent individuals: a review McMain, Shelley F. 1995, Mar.
Psychotherapy for Psychosis: A review of the last 10 years Hassan, S. 2014/15
QI and bioelectromagnetic energy Waechter, Randall L. 2004, Aug
Quality of Life and Ecological Theory: Towards an Integral Approach Isaacs, Barry 1999, June
Quality of life in children and young adults with cardiac conditions Ferguson, M. 2014
Quality of life of children with severe developmental disabilities, The Ncube, Busisiwe 2017