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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Interdependent and Independent Self-Construals: The Relationship Between Personality Assessment and Culture Nguyen, Thao T. 2002, Dec.
Interhemispheric cooperation in global-local visual processing in pediatric Multiple Sclerosis Todorow, Michelle 2013
Internal consistency of child-friendly race IATs, The Williams, Amanda 2010
Internal Multiplicity in Emotion-Focused Therapy Smith, Kathleen 2006, June
Interpersonal Context of Romantic Autonomy in Adolescence, The Taradash, Ali R. 2001, Mar.
Interventions Available to Parents of Children Diagnosed with Cancer: A Review Brown, Laura J. 2002, Oct.
Interventions to promote treatment adherence in patients with chronic physical illnesses: A review Macrodimitris, Sophia D. 2002, Feb.
Intrinsic functional connectivity in MCI and healthy aging: Identifying neural network biomarkers Sullivan, Margot 2018
Involvement in Special Olympics and It's Relations to Self-Concept and Actual Competency in Participants with Disabilities Weiss, Jonathan 2003, June
Irritable bowel syndrome: The role of psychological factors in health complaints Schober, Renate 1991
Is Attachment Theory an Effective Framework for Understanding the Therapeutic Alliance in Adult Psychotherapy? A Critical Review of Attachment - Therapeutic Alliance Literature Lewin, Jennifer 2006, Jun.
Is boredom associated with problem gambling behaviour? It depends on what you mean by "boredom" Mercer-Lynn, K. B. 2011
Is Brighter Always Better? The Effects of Display and Ambient Luminance on Preferences for Digital Signage Guterman, Pearl 2010
Is it Hopelessness or Hopeless Prognosis? Factor Analysis of the Beck Hopelessness Scale in Individuals with Advanced Cancer Nissim, Rinat 2006, Mar.
Issues in the Adjustment of Persons to Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury Sturman, Vesna 2000, Oct.
Jealousy: A cultural construct or a genetic disposition Safdar, Saba 2002, June
Keeping it in the family: an examination of the caregiving relationship between adult children and their elderly parents Sugar, Lorne A. 1998, Nov.
Landau-Kleffner syndrome: a critical review Guger, Sharon L. 1998, Jan.
Learning disabilities in English language learners Shaughnessy, Valerie 2006, July
Learning disabled family: the parents and siblings of children with learning disabilities Metcalfe-Haggert, Alisa 1996, Dec.
Learning to spell, learning to read: the role of invented spelling Jenkin, Heather Leslie Maclay 1994, Aug.
Like parent, like child?: The relationship between family history of alcoholism and neuropsychological performance Bissonnette, Michell 2002, Feb.
Limitation of psychotherapy outcome research: a focus on depression Ford, Cindy Lee 1995, Dec.
Longitudinal Analysis of Peer Victimization, Self-Esteem, Rejection Sensitivity, and Mental Health in Adolescents, A Nepon, Taryn 2015
LPP-2: assessing communication in Autism Wells, K. 2011
Lying Online and Crossing the Line: Intrusive Thoughts and Deceivers Distrust Haji, Reeshma 2008
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to evaluate the effectiveness of the alert program for self-regulation in children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Soh, Debra 2014
Magnetic resonance imaging studies in schizophrenia: a critical review Trepanier, Lisa Laura 1991, Sept.
Managing client resistance in the context of CBT: do more effective therapists do less teaching and more supporting during these critical moments? McKinnon, J.M. 2011
Managing the idea of death: A study of "double awareness" in a short-term psychotherapy for patients with advanced cancer Colosimo, Kenneth 2016
Many Faces of Neuroticism: Explicating the Nature of a Personality Construct, The Hakim, Lila 2006, Jan.
McGurk effect in S3D film, The Deas, Lesley 2013
Measuring decision spaces for a numerosity discrimination task DeSimone, Kevin 2016
Melani Klein: the new woman in psychoanalysis Sedighdeilami, Farrokh 1996, Oct.
Memory rehabilitation Richards, Brian 1999, Mar.
Memory representations of action and space: bridging the gap from novel to familiar Barbuto, Erica 2007, Mar.
Mental and physical health status of adolescents who bully: a comparison across developmental trajectories Horton, Rachel 2010
Mental health issues affecting immigrant children: a review of contemporary research Hicks, Ruthann 1991, Apr.
Mental health service use among youth with autism spectrum disorder Ryan, Stephanie 2016
Metalinguistic awareness in bilingual children Vitale, Grace 1998, Nov.
Method for mapping response fields and determining intrinsic reference frames of single-unit activity: Applied to 3-D head-unrestrained gaze shifts, A Keith, Gerald 2009
Midwifery: A Moderator of Psychosocial Stress Yarmey, Meagan J. 1998, Sept
Mild traumatic brain injuries in children and the psychosocial influences on siblings: A scoping review and call for future research Campbell, Lauren 2016
Mild traumatic brain injury: an overview and alert for psychotherapists Lefcoe, Yaacov 2004, July
Mindfulness-based stress reduction program for community based dwelling senoirs: Evaluation of mindfulness, stress, psychological factors and neurocognitive function, A Curtis, Kathryn 2014
Mini video documentaries featuring psychology's early laboratory history Bazar, J. L. 2012
Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory: a consideration of its origin and psychometric properties, The Anthony, Andrew 1997, Dec.
Minor physical anomalies in children with autism: Epidemiological data from Nova Scotia Rombough, Vicki J. 2001, Oct.
Mobilizing knowledge about first episode psychosis: The utility of an arts-informed methodology Dhayanandhan, Bramilee 2013
Moebius syndrome Brian, Jessica A. 1997, May