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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

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Etiology of child abuse: an examination of the factors contributing to child abuse and neglect Riches, Judi 1995, May
Euphoria, bipolar affective disorder, and ,multiple sclerosis: a critical review of elevated mood states in multiple sclerosis Watson, Mark Steven 1996, Jan.
Evaluating the Circle of Security program at Aisling Discoveries, an Ontario mental health agency Litwin, Leah 2016
Evaluating the efficacy of popular parenting self-help books using current evidence-based parenting principles Sorge, Geoffrey 2008, May
Evaluation of Development and Neuropsychological Approches to Intervention of Social-Cognitive Deficits in Brain-Injured Adults Zackheim, Lisa 2007
Evaulation of Autism Ontario's Realize Community Potential program Schroeder, J. 2011
Evolutionary perspective on painting and drawing: image making and self-consciousness, Ann Faulhaber, Mary-Ann 1998, Oct.
Examination of attitudes towards elderly sexuality, An Lai, Yvonne 2009
Examination of the social and psychological risk factors for suicidal behavior among adolescents: towards a critical understanding Maharaj, Sherry I. 1994, Sept.
Examination of the Timing of Psychosocial Interventions and their Influence on Psychosocial Outcomes for Cancer Patients, An Brewer, Howard 2000, Jul.
Examining gender role comparative research: a power/knowledge analysis of the perpetuation of colonialism in psychology Gould, Judith A. 1999,Apr.
Examining Mental Health Trends and Disparities among Transgender Men and Transgender Women Cullen, Kimberly 2016
Examining proactive coping and resilience within the context of the economic recession Mara, Constance A. 2013
Examining the criterion-related validity of Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Behaviour Inventory (PDD-BI) McMorris, C. A. 2012
Examining the implicit and explicit academic orientation of minority children: Is cognitive balance necessary in childhood? Faye, Cathy 2009
Examining the relationship between the Jesness Inventory and the State-trait Anger Expression Inventory: A construct validity study Tombs, Selina 2002, Sept.
Examining the reliability and validity of the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I) in a sample of mothers and fathers of children with Autism Elkhadem, Lila 2013
Excessive Exercise in Females with Anorexia Nervosa: is Obsessionality a Risk Factor? Kaptein, Simone 2005, June
Existential Meaning of Work Inventory: development and initial validation, The Fairlie, Paul 2010, October
Experience of Adolescent Fathers from their Perspective: A Qualitative Analysis, The Summers, Jennifer 2010
Experience of learning to so psychotherapy: a grounded theory/ pseudo-first-person-narrative approach Roese, Roswitha 1996, May
Exploration and analysis of very large datasets, The Leonard, Tim 2016
Exploration of protective variables and mechanisms in resilient children: implications for primary prevention and early intervention, The Freeman, Nancy L. 1994, June
Exploring Asperger Syndrom and High Functioning Autism in a hospital based setting: Have there been improvements and diagnosis over time, and is there evidence for seperate diagnostic categories Chan, Jessica 2013
Exploring mental health crises in university students with Autism Spectrum Disorder Segers, Magali 2016
Exploring the Role of Fairness Motivations in Cheating Behaviour Katter, Joana K. Q. 2015
Exposure to fluoridated water and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder prevalence among children and adolescents in the United States Malin, Ashley 2014
Factors influencing adherence to a low fat diet in women at risk for breast cancer Roth, Maya 2007, Oct.
Factors related to the speed of completion of a doctoral degree at York University Seagram, Belinda Crawford 1995, June
Family Therapy with Chinese Guo, Lih-Yea 2003, April
Family therapy with schizophrenic patients and their families Birkenfeld-Adams, Andrea Suzanne 1991, July
Family wellbeing of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A scoping review Tint, Ami 2014
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a review of neurodevelopmental findings and interventions Davis, Krista 2010
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: implications for psychologists Niccols, G. Alison 1991, Dec.
Field study on the effects of social identification and instrumental value on participation to collective action, A Giguere, Benjamin 2007, Sept.
Figure-Ground Segregation Determines Depth Ordering in Second-Order Motion Stimuli Mackenzie, Kevin 2006, April
Finding a mediator between formalist and functionalist theories in language aquisition: languange and evolution theories Luk, Gigi 2007, Oct.
Forgiveness as a process of change in individual psychotherapy Malcolm, Wanda M. 1998,June
Forgotten Victims of Domestic Violence: Injured Not in Body, But in Mind, The Diamond, Terry 2002, Oct.
Freud's Bad Conscience: the case of Nietzsche's genealogy Greer, Scott 1996, Mar.
Friendship and marriage: a comparison of factors that contribute to long-term relationships Barry, Susan 1998, Feb.
From "Can" to "Will": Tracing the Operationalization and Measurement of Subjective Mental Effort Dentakos, Stella 2015
From Demons to Descartes: A Chronological History of Dreams Buckle, Jennifer L. 2000, Feb.
From Emotional Intelligence to Intelligent Choices of Partners Amitay, Oren 2004, Aug.
From post-secondary education to employment: Evaluation and recommendations to enhance employment for students with high functioning autism spectrum disorder Alli, Lisa 2016
From the classroom to the playground: Understanding the impact of impaired pragmatic language and social skills in children - A guide for parents and educators Goldstein, Gayle 2008, Jul.
Gender identity disorder in childhood Hatchette, Virginia 1996, Mar.
Gender role traits and psychosocial distress among individuals with and without Social Anxiety Disorder Roberts, Karen 2010, October
Generalized anxiety as a residual versus independent disorder: A comprehensive review of the diagnostic validity of the DSM criteria for generalized anxiety disorder Laderoute, Kristine T. 2004, Aug.
Generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder: The role of intolerance of uncertainty Counsell, Alyssa 2016