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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Differences Between Males and Females with ADHD in Risky Decision Making: Review, Considerations and Future Directions Saoud, Wafa 2017
Diffusion tensor imaging and its clinical application to Schizophrenia Miles, A. A. A. 2011
Dimensions of autism based on the CARS in different age groups Budhani, Farah 2017
Discrimination of unwilling versus unable partners at 6- and 9- months Marsh, Heidi L. 2008, Jun.
Dissociation in eating disorders: Dialectical behavior therapy as an alternative psychotherapeutic treatment Watson, Kimberly 2001, Oct.
Dissociative identity disorder: concepts, issues, and controversies Kastuk, Don 1999, Mar.
Diversity without distraction: the roles of the ADHD coach McNelles, Laurie R. 1998,June
Do Causal Attributions Predict the Symptoms of Hopelessness Depression? A Test of the Hopelessness Theory of Depression Sturman, Edward 2005, Jan.
Do these norms make me look fat? The effect of exposure to normative body ideals on personal body ideals Bair, Allison 2012
Does culture influence receptivity towards helping behaviours in an intergroup context Jones, Janelle 2007, June
Does task-specific training improve altitude estimation in virtual environments? Hartle, Brittney 2017
Does the topography of approach-motivated left front asymmetry depend on whether eyes are open, closed, or both? Di Nota, Paula 2017
Does the unattended modality during a recognition task affect performance of a patient with face and object agnosia? Hoover, Adria E.N. 2014
Dream Catcher mentoring: An evaluation of an online mentoring program for northern Canadian youth Wallis, Julie A.M. 2014
Early parental loss, childhood mourning and adult depression Singh, Malini 1992, Sept.
Early peer roots of romantic competence in emerging adulthood: Social and emotional mechanisms Dhariwal, Amrit 2007
Early resistance in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: An exploratory study Aviram, Adi 2014
Eating disorders in males Higgins, June E. 1991, Oct.
Ecological constraints on the texture of monocular features in random dot, unpaired background, and phantom stereograms Grove, Philip 2001, July
Ect versus antidepressant and sham ect therapy for depression: a review of the research evidence McHugh, Anne M. 1991, Mar.
Effect of a High Luminance Background on Contrast Sensitivity: Measured Using the High Dynamic Range Display Lee, Yunjo 2007, May
Effect of Physical and Perceived Tilt on Tactile Temporal Order Judgements Moro, Stefania S. 2016
Effect of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) to object and scene cortex during objects search and detection in scenes, The Rafique, Sara 2017
Effect of TMS to brain body areas on the factors contributing to the perceptual upright, The Mullin, Caitlin 2012
Effectiveness of residential treatment for substance abusing youth: Benefits the Pine River Institute Program Mills, Laura 2012
Effects of age, gender & pubertal status on Rey-O performance: A Qualitative & quantitative investigation of strategy and accuracy in youth, The Ruttle, E 2012
Effects of anti-obesity messages on women's psychological functioning and eating behaviours KEATING, Leah 2013
Effects of antipsychotic medications on schizophrenia symptoms: Literature review and the results of a six-year longitudinal study, The Korman, Yifaht 2000
Effects of contextual factors and developmental intelligence on psychometric intelligence among children of diverse origins in a Canadian sample Escobar, E. M. R. 2013
Effects of Cross-Sex Hormone Therapy on Cognitive Abilities that Vary by Sex: A Review of the Literature Fitzsimmons, Lindsay. C 2016
Effects of lateral lesions on medial activation during autobiographical remembering Howard, Steven 2010, October
Effects of life stress, social support and cultural norms on parenting styles among Mainland Chinese, European-Canadian and Chinese-Canadian immigrant mothers Su, Chang 2008
Effects of long-term exposure on sensitivity and comfort with stereoscopic displays Stransky, D. 2013, January
Effects of witnessing family violence on children, The Mockler, Susan Elizabeth 1993, Sept.
Efficacy of cognitive behaviour therapy for anxiety in adults and children with autism spectrum disorder Barnes, Caroline 2016
Electronic assistive device use by individuals with moderate-to-severe memory impairment: Long-term application of a theory-driven training program Yao, Christie 2014
Embodiment and the Sense of Self In Infancy Pos, Alberta E. 2003, Sept.
Emergence of an elder-blaming discourse in 21st century China, The Gao, Zhipeng (Simon) 2016
Emotional distress tolerance across multiple anxiety presentations Michel, N. 2014
Emotional Intelligence: A Review of its History and Current Status Miki, Andrew 2005, Nov.
Emotional Intelligence: Toward a Measure of a New Construct O'Brian-Wood, Colleen 2000, Mar.
Emotionally focused couples therapy meets lesbian couples: Could this be a match made in heaven? Hardtke, Karen 2007, Feb.
Employee satisfaction with health benefits plan Keating, Ann Marie 2001, May
Enviousness and its relationship to maladjustment and psychopathology Gold, Brian 1995, Oct.
Equivalence Testing: A Novel Approach to Evaluating the Gender Similarities Hypothesis Ball, Laura C. 2010
Equivalent Models in Structural Equation Modelling Kwan, Ernest 2007
Ethical and professional issues in computer-assisted therapy Ford, B. Douglas 1991, Mar.
Ethical considerations of countertransference Carpenter, N. 2014/15
Ethics of Peeking Behind the Fence: Issues Related to Studying Children's Aggression and Victimization, The Yuile, Amy L. 2003, Nov.
Etiological Perspectives of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Review of Psychological and Biological Theories Cohen, Nicole L. 2002, Sept.