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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

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Triadic bridging among male and female Tibetan macaques (macaca thibetana): Investigating dominance, agonistic, and matrilineal relations Jones, Amber 2013
Understanding eating disorders: The role of attention Federici, Anita 2006, Sept.
Understanding mental states: The relationship between language and theory of mind Im-Bolter, Nancie 2001, July
Understanding the psychosocial profile of women with fibromyalgia syndrome Shuster, Jill 2008
Understanding the role of white matter in cognitive functioning: An analysis of several conditions affecting white matter integrity during childhood and adolescence with a focus on pediatric multiple sclerosis BARAC, Raluca 2010
Universal access? Documenting disparities in correlates of accessed sexual health services among youth in Toronto Ghai, Amrita 2010
Use of commercial technology to compensate for prospective memory deficits in a person with Bipolar Disorder, The Ammari, Narmeen 2012
Use of hypnosis in psychotherapy with children, The Hicks, Kathleen A. 1993
Use of Radical Feminist Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders: A Theoretical Review, The Monteiro, Althea 2004, July
Using the Assessment Inventory to Predict Treatment Outcome in Patients with Eating Disorders Young, Rebecca 2016
Validation of a self-report measure of aggression in a clinical sample of children with distruptive behaviour Lysenko, Magdalena 2017
Value perception of shared and nonshared objects Fong, K. 2014/15
Vestibular temporal order processing Barnett-Cowan, Michael 2009
Visual subjective shortening does not entail compression of space Jaekl, Philip 2007, Sept.
Visuospatial memory functioning in youth with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM): The effects of pubertal status, compliance & severe hypoglycemic episode (SHE) frequency Arnold-Oatley, A. 2014
Vividness of autobiographical memories in emerging adulthood and the role of self-defining content: a developmental prospective, The Hillgrove-Stuart, J. 2011
Weight criticalness of others in restrained and unrestrained eaters Vella-Zarb, Rachel 2010, October
What is the Role of the Right Hemisphere? A review of Clinical and Experimental Literature Pertaining to the Location of the Second Language in the Cortex Rekkas, Paraskevi Vivien 2000, Oct.
When bias pays off: The motivational function of the impact bias in affective forecasts Vasquez, Noelia 2009
Who is more likely to benefit from and continue practicing positive psychology self-help exercises? Shapira, Leah 2010
Why Refer for Psychological Assessment? Exploring the Perspectives of Referring Clinicians in a Hospital-Based Children's Mental Health Setting Kuni, B. 2013
Why We Counterfactualize: An Examination of the Benefits and Pitfalls Associated With If...Only Thinking Klippenstine, Marc 2006, Aug
William's Syndrome: Language good Feng, Xiaojia 2010
Williams Syndrome: genes, the brain, and behavior Boyd Pringle, Lee-Ann 1999, Mar.
Women and suicide: a review of research Snelling, Susan J. 1992, Apr.
Women with breast cancer: A systemic view of the factors affecting adjustment Johnson, Judith M. 2001, June
Written expression performance in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Debono, Anthony 2009