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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Visual subjective shortening does not entail compression of space Jaekl, Philip 2007, Sept.
Visuospatial memory functioning in youth with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM): The effects of pubertal status, compliance & severe hypoglycemic episode (SHE) frequency Arnold-Oatley, A. 2014
Vividness of autobiographical memories in emerging adulthood and the role of self-defining content: a developmental prospective, The Hillgrove-Stuart, J. 2011
Weight criticalness of others in restrained and unrestrained eaters Vella-Zarb, Rachel 2010, October
What is the Role of the Right Hemisphere? A review of Clinical and Experimental Literature Pertaining to the Location of the Second Language in the Cortex Rekkas, Paraskevi Vivien 2000, Oct.
When bias pays off: The motivational function of the impact bias in affective forecasts Vasquez, Noelia 2009
Who is more likely to benefit from and continue practicing positive psychology self-help exercises? Shapira, Leah 2010
Why Refer for Psychological Assessment? Exploring the Perspectives of Referring Clinicians in a Hospital-Based Children's Mental Health Setting Kuni, B. 2013
Why We Counterfactualize: An Examination of the Benefits and Pitfalls Associated With If...Only Thinking Klippenstine, Marc 2006, Aug
William's Syndrome: Language good Feng, Xiaojia 2010
Williams Syndrome: genes, the brain, and behavior Boyd Pringle, Lee-Ann 1999, Mar.
Women and suicide: a review of research Snelling, Susan J. 1992, Apr.
Women with breast cancer: A systemic view of the factors affecting adjustment Johnson, Judith M. 2001, June
Written expression performance in adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Debono, Anthony 2009