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ABC Papers (Minor Papers)

Titlesort descending Author Year
Attachment and adult survivors of child abuse Kraftcheck, Erin Rachel 2002, Sept.
Attachment and mental health: is there a link? Lojkasek, Miroslav 1995, July
Attachment Security in Maltreated Infants Coolbear, Jennifer L. 2000, Mar.
Attachment-Based Trauma in Dyadic Parent-Child Psychotherapy Foroughe, Mirisse 2010
Attention and Eye Movements: Does Attention Mimic Contrast by Increasing Target Saliency? Khan, Aarlenne 2006, Jan.
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Without Hyperactivity: Silently at Risk? Atlas, Rona S. 2000, May
Attention, Affect and Type of Situation: A Model of Neurotransmitters Arsalidou, Marie 2007, May.
Attitudes toward and knowledge of mental health professionals: an experimental approach Fahlman, Shelley 2007, Sept.
Auditory Responses of Infants and Young Children with Developmental Delay Bevc, Irena 1998, Nov.
Autism and brain electrophysiological measures of attention Pang, Elizabeth Wai-Ling 1996, Mar
Automatization and Retention of Literacy Skills In Adult Learners Rhee, Thomas 2009
Avoidant Personality Disorder: A Review of Theory, Research, and Treatment Missirlian, Tanya M. 2003, Dec.
Beck's cognitive therapy of depression: current status and future directions Crocker, Peter J. 1991, Oct.
Behaviorist as personologist: Mary Cover Jones and the study of the "whole child" Rutherford, Alexandra 2000
Best Practices: Progress Monitoring and its use in Graduate Psychology Training and Supervision Siegal, Rachel L. 2016
Big Five Personality Traits in Personnel Selection Davis, Richard 2003, June
Biological aspects of depression: treatment options and proposed etiologies Triano-Antidormi, Lori 1993, Sept.
Biological explanations of crime: a methodological, ethical, historical, and logistical evaluation of recent genetic and serotonergic theories Hennessy, Dwight 1998, Jan.
Brain and personality: an evaluation of two theories Makarec, Katherine 1994, July
Brain Mechanisms in Hypnotic Pain Management Valentin, Irina 2005, Jan.
Brain-Based Model of Intensive Behavioural Intervention Efficacy: Hypothesized Alterations to the Orbtoforntal Cortex in Childern with Autism Blacklock, Ksusha 2015
Bullying experiences and mental health problems among children and youth with autism spectrum disorders Cappadocia, M. Catherine 2011
By any other name: intellect and intelligence in early modern psychology Winestock, Sheri L. 1992, Apr.
Can you remember me? Culture moderates the relationship between interdependence and face recognition Ng, Andy 2012
Career planning and development for nursing students: an emerging professional need Waddell, Janice 1997, Oct.
Case for a structural-developmental conceptualization of psychopathology: implications for the treatment of childhood and adolescent disorders, The Pizer, Claire 1998, Dec.
Changes in cognitive performance over a one-year period in children and adolescents with Multiple Sclerosis Racine, N. M. 2012
Child functioning and electrodermal activity in children with autism spectrum disorder Waxman, Jordana 2017, April
Child maltreatment: alternative models of etiology and treatment in the mother-infant dyad Stewart, Shannon 1991, Dec.
Child psychotherapy research: a review of outcome and process Buset, Mila M. 1995, Jan.
Child witnesses to family violence: a developmental approach to risk and protective factors Weiser, Liza 1993, Jan.
Childhood bereavement: an overview Glebe-Gage, Deborah 1993, June
Childhood sexual abuse and homosexuality: is there a link? Kuksis, Myra 1992, June
Childhood sexual abuse and treatment outcome for alcohol dependent women Booth, Laura 2004, Nov.
Childhood Suggestibility: A Review of the Literature and Directions for Future Research Wilansky, Pamela 2000, Sept.
Children and adolescents coping with Type I Diabetes Mellitus: a review integrating the risk-resistance model with growth modeling approaches Roosen, K. 2011
Children in political violence: A critical examination of the PTSD label Mehranvar, Sanaz 2008, June
Chilling with dogs: The efficacy of interacting with dogs in a university environment Harper, Katherine 2017
Clarifying issues of developmental level and matching in mental retardation Hitzig, Sander 2005
Classification Image Analysis of Oriented Texture Detection Or, Charles 2010
Classification Images for Edge Detection Morgenstern, Yaniv 2010
Classification images reveal decision variables in two-alternative forced choice task Pritchett, Lisa 2016
Client experiences of emotionally corrective experiences in brief EFT psychotherapy: a qualitative study Kagan, Fern 2010, October
Client experiences of motivational interviewing for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: a qualitative analysis Marcus, Madalyn 2010, October
Client Reflections on confirmation and Disconfirmation of Expectations in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Generalized Anxiety: A Qualitative Analysis Button, Melissa 2017
Client retrospective accounts of corrective experiences in motivational interviewing integrated with cognitive-behavioral therapy for generalized anxiety disorder Macaulay, Christianne 2017
Clinical Disorders and Normal Functioning: Continuum? Kocovski, Nancy 2000, June
Clinical Neuropsychology of Huntington's Disease: a quatitative review Zakzanis, Konstantine K. 1998, Feb.
Clinical utility of administering the adult attachment interview to parents involved in watch wait and wonder, an experimental approach to parent-child dyadic psychotherapy, The Vrana, Genevieve 2014
Clustering and switching on verbal fluency tasks in childhood and adolescence Roncadin, Caroline 2002, April