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Faculty Research Report

Title Author Report # Year
Subjects variables and reactance to persuasive communications about drugs Barnes, Gordon E., & Kohn, Paul M. 8 Apr-75
Interaction model of anxiety and dental treatment Ackerman, Cheryl A. & Endler, Norman S. 143 Jun-84
Interactions between simulateous contrast and adaptation to gradual change of luminance Anstis, Stuart 73 Jun-78
Validity data on a modified version of Pearson’s novelty-experiencing scale Annis, Helen M., & Kohn, Paul M. 7 Apr-75
Evolution of the personality construct in marketing and its applicability to contemporary personality research Endler, Norman S., & Rosenstein, Alvin J. 227 Apr-95
To know or not to know: That is the question Endler, Norman S. 142 May-84
Where the stars are: The top 25 psychologists in Canada Endler, N. S. 72 Mar-78
Problems with heterochromatic photometry Kaiser, P. K., & Kinney, J. A. S. 6 Mar-75
Supportive vs. defensive communications in depression: An assessment of Coyne’s interactional model Endler, Norman S., & Kingstone, Judith C. 216 Oct-93
Three dimensional interpretation of White’s effectance motivation Kusyszyn, I. & Lamont, D. 71 Jul-78
Some considerations for selecting an appropriate multiple comparison procedure Breen, Lawrence, & Endler, Norman, S. 5 Feb-75
Health, cancer, and coping with stress Courbasson, Christine M., Endler, Norman S., & Cunningham, Alastair J. 228 Oct-95