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  • PRC/Hebb Labs - WINTER BREAK - UNIVERSITY CLOSED: December 23, 2017 - January 2, 2018.  Re-open: Wednesday January 3, 2018 & regular hours resume.
  • Please note change in hours: 9:00- 4:50 pm for the Exam period:  December 4 - 22, 2017.

Faculty Research Report

Title Author Report # Year
Subjects variables and reactance to persuasive communications about drugs Barnes, Gordon E., & Kohn, Paul M. 8 Apr-75
Interaction model of anxiety and dental treatment Ackerman, Cheryl A. & Endler, Norman S. 143 Jun-84
Interactions between simulateous contrast and adaptation to gradual change of luminance Anstis, Stuart 73 Jun-78
Validity data on a modified version of Pearson’s novelty-experiencing scale Annis, Helen M., & Kohn, Paul M. 7 Apr-75
Evolution of the personality construct in marketing and its applicability to contemporary personality research Endler, Norman S., & Rosenstein, Alvin J. 227 Apr-95
State-trait coping, state-trait anxiety and academic performance Endler, Norman S., Kantor, Ludmila, & Parker, James D. A. 213 Jun-93
Work and play in the 21st century: workfulness at play and playfulness at work Day, H. I. 141 Apr-84
Demonstrations of apparent reversals in visual movement, depth and, vernier offset Anstis, Stuart 67 Oct-77
Reversibility of relative competence as a determinant of conformity across different perceptual tasks Coward, Teresa R., Edwards, Jean, Wiesenthal, David L., & Endler, Norman S. 3 Feb-75
Coping, life stress, and psychological and somatic distress Endler, Norman S., & Higgins, June 212 Jun-93
Motion and flicker look faster in peripheral vision Anstis, S., Lavieille, L., & Mather, G. 140 Feb-84
Health, cancer, and coping with stress Courbasson, Christine M., Endler, Norman S., & Cunningham, Alastair J. 228 Oct-95