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Faculty Research Report

Title Author Report # Year
Nonverbal cues employed in discriminating between disabled persons and actors Hurford, D. E., Wiesenthal, D. L., & Theodor, L. H. 122 Sep-82
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in a parachute training situation Crooks, Dean S., Parker, James D. A., & Endler, Norman S. 192 Feb-91
Auditory adaptation to gradual rise or fall in intensity of a tone Anstis, Stuart, & Reinhardt-Rutland, Anthony 50 Oct-76
Historical construction of social roles in the psychological experiment Danziger, Kurt 123 Jul-82
Mosaic displays for multi-way contingency tables Friendly, Michael 195 Jul-91
Daisy reference manual Friendly, M. L. & Levine, R. M 51 Oct-76
Assessment of coping: The multidimensional coping inventory Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A. 174 Jul-88
Neurological origins of psychoanalysis Fancher, Raymond E. 36 Mar-76
Volunteering in principle, volunteering in fact, and experience seeking Cowles, Michael P., Kohn, Paul M., Hunt, Robert W., & Davis, Caroline A. 108 Apr-81
Coping styles, anxiety and depression Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 175 Aug-88
Decay of grating adaptation Bodinger, Deborah M. 37 Mar-76
Subliminal advertising: What you see is what you get Moore, Timothy E. 109 Apr-81
Personalized methods of intsruction in university: Some investigations and comments Sheese, R. L. 107 Apr-81
Toward an interactional psychology of personality Endler, Norman S. & Magnusson, David 35 Mar-76
Interactionism revisited: Persons, situations, and behaviour Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A. 173 Jun-88
Investigation of reduced illumination on limited access freeways Kaiser, P. K., Ruisech, R. M. F., Sangster, S. L 106 Apr-81
Children’s understanding of work and play Day, Hy I. & Forteath, Caroline 34 Mar-76
Existence, effectance, esteem: From gambling to a new theory of human motivation Kusyszyn, Igor 172 Jun-88
Diffusion of responsibility in charitable donations Austrom, Douglas, Silverman, Irwin, & Wiesenthal, David L., 105 Feb-81
Toward a verdical psychology: the social psychology of the psychological experiment. Siverman, Irwin 33 Feb-76
Client sex and level of cognitive differentiation: Variables influencing clients’ in-session experiential process Toukmanian, Shake G. 178 Feb-89
Ten years of research on early experience and early intelligence: A step away from pitiful ignorance Wachs, Theodore D. 110 May-81
Genetic and prenatal infulences upon behaviour and development Wachs, T. D. & Weismann, F. 115 Sep-82
Monitoring the information-processing demands of attention switching Laabs, G. J. & Stager, P. 41 Apr-76
Emotions, development and psychotherapy: A dialectical constructivist perspective Pascual-Leone, Juan 184 Jan-90
Generality of the interaction model of anxiety with respect to three social evaluation field studies Diveky, Sylvia, Endler, Norman S., King, Paul R., Edwards, Jean M., Kuczynski, Mary, McGuire, Ann 114 Feb-82
Probe reaction time as an index of multiple - task performance Laabs, G. J. & Stager, P. 40 Apr-76
Multidimensionality of state and trait anxiety: The factor structure of the Endler multidimensional anxiety scales Bagby, Michael R., Cox, Brian J., Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 183 Dec-89
Interactionism: A personality model, but not yet a theory Endler, Norman S. 113 Feb-82
Sociopolitical factors and stigma in depression Endler, Norman S. 179 Feb-89
Why Graduate Record Examination test scores are used in selecting applicants to psychology programs in Canada: A survey Lay, Clarry H. 111 Dec-81
Personality research: Theories, issues and methods Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A. 181 Aug-89
Parallel scanning model for memory retrieval Burrows, David & Okada, Ronald 38 Apr-76
Interactionism Endler, Norman S. 112 Nov-81
Comparison of clinical and nonclinial panic attacks: Is there a panic-anxiety continuum? Cox, Brian J. & Endler, Norman S. 182 Aug-89
Free will: An exercise in metaphysical truth or psychological consequences Westcott, Malcolm R. 39 Apr-76
Effect ordering for data displays* Friendly, Michael, & Kwan, Ernest 259 1-Jul
Reversibility of initial levels of relative competence in mathematical ability on subsequent conformity Edwards, Jean, Wiesenthal, David L. & Endler, Norman S. 101 Dec-80
Directions of objects seen from the cyclopian eye Ono, Hiroshi 29 Jan-76
Validation of the shortened COPE for use with breast cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy Fillion, L., Kovacs, A., Gagnon, P., & Endler, N.S. 251 May-98
Organismic processes for neo-Piagetian theories: a dialectical causal account of cognitive development Pascual-Leone, Juan 167 Mar-88
Interactionism comes of age Endler, N. S. 100 Dec-80
Interaction model of anxiety: An empirical test in an athletic competition situation Endler, Norman S. & Flood, Martin 28 Jan-76
Recognition vs recall of visually vs acoustically confusable letter matrices Blake, Joanna, Theodor, Leonard & Vingilis, Evelyn 30 Feb-76
Sweating at night: some ethical paradoxes confronting social psychological research Wiesenthal, David L. 102 Dec-80
Curiosity, creativity and attitude to schooling in open-plan and traditional schools (grades 2-4) Day, Hy I. 31 Feb-76
Coping with frustrations to self-realization: Stress, anxiety, crises and adjustment Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 169 Apr-88
APL matrix library for interactive multivariate analysis Friendly, Micheal 104 Dec-80
Information processing approach to the development of the piagetian concept of seriation Blackstock, Edward G. 32 Feb-76
Assessment of state and trait anxiety: Endler multidimensional anxiety scales Edwards, Jean M., Vitelli, Romeo, Parker, James D. A., & Endler, Norman S. 168 1988?