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Faculty Research Report

Title Author Report # Year
Factor analytic study of coping styles and the MMPI-2 content scales Butcher, James N., Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. 205 Apr-92
Effectance theory and therapy: A new theory of human motivation Kusyszyn, Igor 133 Aug-83
Person by treatment interactions in personality research Edwards, Jean, & Endler, Norman S. 58 Feb-77
Coping with health problems: Developing a reliability and valid multidimensional measure Endler, Norman S., Parker, James D. A., & Summerfeldt, Laura J. 204 May-92
Effectance: A new measure of self-Actualization Lamont, Donald J., & Kusyszyn, Igor 132 Aug-83
Interactions between simultaneous contrast and coloured afterimages Anstis, Stuart, Rogers, Brian, & Henry, Jean 57 Jan-77
Personality and depression: Conceptual and methodological considerations Hewitt, Paul L., Endler, Norman S., Bagby, R. Michael, Flett, Gordon L. 201 Nov-91
Personality Research Edwards, Jean M., & Endler, Norman S. 130 Jan-83
Sources of instability in the distribution of control among italian immigrant and non-immigrant families in canada Danziger, Kurt 56 Jan-77
State & trait anxiety: A cross-cultural comparison of Chinese and Caucasian students in a Canadian sample Endler, Norman S., & Lin, Merry C. 210 May-93
Parental control and adolescents’ aspirations: Limitations on a general hypothesis Danziger, Kurt 59 Feb-77
Psychology of gambling Kusyszyn, Igor 134 Aug-83
User’s guide for MOSAICS: A SAS/IML program for mosaic displays Friendly, Michael 206 Jul-92
Effects of luminance and contrast on direction of ambiguous apparent motion Anstis, S. & Mather, G. 139 Feb-84
Interaction of perceptual and quantitative load factors in the control of variables Scardamalia, M. 63 Aug-77
Coping with health problems: Conceptual and methodological issues Summerfeldt, Laura J., Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 209 Apr-93
Perceptual-cognitive model for counselling and psychotherapy, A Toukmanian, Shake G. 138 1983?
Personality and social factors in adolescent marihuana use: A path-analytic study Kohn, Paul 62 Aug-77
Non-cognitive factors in adult learning Irwin, Ronald R., & Pascual-Leone, Juan 208 Nov-92
Predicting teacher trainee performance using a biographical information blank Toukmanian, S. 61 May-77
Personality: An interactional perspective Endler, Norman S. 207 Oct-92
Review of major theories for natural language understanding Edwards, J. L. 60 Jul-77
Academic achievement and the interaction model of personality Endler, Norman S., & Rushton, John Philippe 46 Jun-76
Psychology journals in the York University libraries Goranson, Richard E. 119 Mar-82
Manual for recording, transcribing, and analyzing speech samples of preschool children Blake, Joanna, & Quartaro, Georgia 189 Jul-90
Coping with coping assessment: A critical review Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 190 Aug-90
Luminance profiles demonstrate non-linearities of brightness perception Anstis, Stuart 47 Jul-76
Growing into human maturity: Towards a metasubjective theory of adulthood stages Pascual-Leone, Juan 120 Mar-82
Multidimensionality of state and trait anxiety: A cross-cultural study comparing American, Canadian, Israeli, and German young adults Endler, Norman S., Lobel, Thalma, Parker, James D. A., & Schmitz, Paul 188 Apr-90
Interaction model of anxiety assessed in a psychotherapy situation Edwards, J. M., Kowalchuk, B. P., & Endler, N. S., 118 Jul-82
Personality, learning theory and the S-R paradigm Weismann, Frederic 44 May-76
State anxiety, trait anxiety, and coping style in Mexican and Canadian young adults Endler, Norman S., Parker, James D. A. , & Weiser, Liza 187 Mar-90
Stress & personality Edwards, J. M., & Endler, N. S. 117 Apr-82
Least squares estimation of individual differences in multidimensional scaling Krane, William R. 43 Apr-76
Whence interactional Psychology? Endler, N.S. 116 March, 1982
Pursuing the perceptual rather than the retinal stimulus Steinbach, Martin J. 42 Apr-76
Psychological Unit and its Role in Task Analysis Johnson, Janice, & Pascual-Leone, Juan 185 1990?
Toward psychological studies of human freedom Westcott, Malcolm R. 48 Aug-76
Applications of the interaction model of personality to real life situations Endler, Norman S. 121 Jun-82
Interactionism revisited: Reflections on the continuing crisis in the personality area Endler, Norman S., & Parker, James D. A. 191 Nov-90
Essay on wisdom: Toward organismic processes that make it possible Pascual-Leone, Juan 186 1990?
Trends in conformity research Edwards, Jean, Endler, Norman S., Koza, Pamela, Walton, Allan, Emmott, Shelagh, & Wiesenthal, David 55 Dec-76
Assessment of multidimensional coping: Task, emotion and avoidance strategies Endler, Norman S. & Parker, James D. A. 198 Nov-91
Minimum motion technique for judging equiluminance, A Anstis, S.M. and Cavanagh, P. 128 1982?
Craik-o’Brien-Cornseet illusion for visual depth Anstis, Stuart, & Howard, Ian 54 Dec-76
Self-reports of depression and state-trait anxiety: Evidence for differential assessment Bagby, R. Michael, Endler, Norman S., Cox, Brian J., & Parker, James D. A 197 Sep-91
Locus of control as a mediator of adaptive behavior in children and adolesdents Gilmor, Timothy M. 53 Dec-76
Development of responses to animate and inanimate objects in the first year of lige: Evidence for perceptual or conceptual representation Legterstee, Maria 196 Sep-91
Educational and employment options for psychology majors Goranson, Richard, & Hatch, Wendy E. 126 Oct-82
Research productivity and scholarly impact of Canadian psychology departments Endler, Norman S. 49 Sep-76