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Title Author Call Number Subject (s) (BETA)
Conducting school-based functional behavioral assessments: A practitioner's guide Steege, M. W. & Watson, T. S. LB 1124 W38 2009
Confidence game: Why we fall for it...every time, The Konnikova, Maria HV 6691 K66 2016 Swindlers and swindling, Fraud
Confronting traumatic brain injury: Devastation, hope, and healing Winslade, W. J. RC 387.5 W55 1998*
Conquering the new GRE math Moyer, R. E. QA 43 M492 2011
Construction and understanding of psychotherapeutic change, The Martin, J. RC 480.5 M336 1994*
Construction and utility of three indexes of intellectual achievement, The Vital and Health Statistics RA 409 U45 no. 74 1977
Contemporary clinical psychology - SUPERSEDED Plante, T. G. RC 467 P56 2005
Contemporary intellectual assessment: Theories, tests, and issues Flanagan, D.P. & Harrison, P.L. (Eds.) BF 431 C66 2005
Contemporary intellectual assessment: Theories, tests, and issues Flanagan, D.P. & Harrison, P.L. (Eds.) BF 431 C66 2012
Content analysis in communication research Berelson, B. P 93 B4 1952
Content analysis of communications Budd, R. W., Thorp, R. K., & Donohew, L. P 93 B78 1967
Contributions to Neuropsychological Assessment Benton, A. L., Hamsher, deS. K., Sivan, A. B., Spreen, O. & Varney, N. R. RC 386.6 N48 C66 1994
Coping Power: Parent Group Program ("Programs that Work" Series) Wells, J. C., Lochman, J. E, & Lenhart, L. A. BF 723 A35 W448 2008
Coping with the seasons: A cognitive-behavioral approach to Seasonal Affective Disorder: Therapist guide Rohan, K. J. RC 545 R64 2008
Coping with the seasons: A cognitive-behavioural approach to Seasonal Affective Disorder: Workbook Rohan, K. J. RC 545 R64 2008 Workbook
Counseling adults in transition: Linking practice with theory Schlossberg, N. K., Goodman, J. & Waters, E. B. BF 637 C6 S325 1995
Counseling and psychotherapy with children and adolescents: Theory and practice for school and clinical settings Prout, T. H. & Brown, D. T. RJ 504 C64 1999
Counseling single parents: A cognitive-behavioral approach Mass, V. S. & Neely, M. A. HQ 759.915 N43 2000
Counseling techniques: Improving relationships with others, ourselves, our families, and our environment Thompson, R. A. RC 480 T449 2003*
Counseling the culturally different: Theory and practice Sue, D. W. & Sue, D. BF 637 C6 S85 1999
Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory and practice Sue, D. W. & Sue, D. BF 637 C6 S85 2012
Couple's guide to communication, A Gottman, J., Notarius, C., Gonso, J., & Markman, H. HQ 734 G7135 1976
Cracking the GRE (with DVD) Katzman, J. & Robinson, A. PE 1128 B84 2007
Cracking the GRE psychology subject test Jay, M. PE 1128 B84 2005
Craft of research, The Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G. & Williams, J. M. Q 180.55 M4 B66 2008
Craft of research, The - SUPERSEDED Booth, W. C., Colomb, G. G. & Williams, J. M. Q 180.55 M4 B66 1995
Crash course in SPSS for Windows, A Colman, A. M. & Pulford, B. D. HA 32 C36 2008
Creative therapy: 52 exercises for individuals and groups Dossick, J. & Shea, E. RC 488 D672 2006
Critical issues in psychotherapy: Translating new ideas into practice Slife, B. D., Williams, R. N., & Barlow, S. H. (Ed.) RC 480 C756 2001
Critical thinking about psychology: Hidden assumptions and plausible alternatives Slife, B. D., Richardson, F. C. & Reber, J. S. BF 38 C75 2005
Criticism and the growth of knowledge Lakatos, I., & Musgrave, A. (Eds.) Q 175 I514 1965*
Cue-centered Therapy for Youth Experiencing Posttraumatic Symptoms: A structured, multimodal intervention ("Programs that Work" series) Carrion, Victor G. RJ 506 P55 C37 2016 PTSD in children, Therapist and patient, Families
Custody / access assessment guidelines: Report of the interdisciplinary committee for custody/access assessments Ontario Psychological Foundation, The KF 547 1988
Cutting down: A CBT workbook for treating young people who self-harm Taylor, L., Simic, M. & Schmidt, U. RJ 506 S44 T39 2015 Self-harm
Dance of anger, the dance of intimacy, the dance of deception, The Lerner, H. HQ 1206 L446 2003
Data analysis and graphics using R: An example-based approach Maindonald, J. & Braun, J. QA 276.4 M245 2007
Data analysis for experimental design Gonzalez, R. BF 39.2 A52 G66 2008
Data analysis with Mplus Geiser, C. QA 278 G4513 2013
Data analysis: A statistical primer for psychology students Wike, E. L. BF 39 W54 1971*
Data manipulation with R Spector, P. QA 276.45 R3 2008
DBT skills manual for adolescents Rathus, J. H., & Miller, A. L. RC 489 B4 R36 2015
Dealing with cognitive dysfunction associated with psychiatric disabilities: A handbook for families and friends of individuals with psychiatric disorders Medalia, A., & Revheim, N. RC 460 M39 2002
Decoding the ethics code: A practical guide for psychologists Fisher, C. B. BF 76.4 F57 2003*
Demons of the modern world McGrath, M. BF 1548 M42 2002
Depression: New directions in theory, research and practice McCann, D. & Endler, N. S. (Eds.) RC 537 D385 1990*
Description of counselling psychology internship and practicum settings for the psychology specialist program Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Department of Adult Education and Counselling Psychology BF 77 D 2003
Design and analysis: A researcher's handbook Keppel, G. HA 29 K44 1991*
Developing Ericksonian therapy Zeig, J. K., & Lankton, S. R. RC 490.5 D48 1988
Developing mind: How relationships and brain interact to shape who we are, The Siegel, D.J. BF 713 S525 2012
Development of modes of moral thinking and choice in the years 10 to 16, The Kohlberg, L. LC 291 K6 1958*