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Title Author Call Number Subject (s) (BETA)
Treating the trauma of rape Foa, E., & Olasov Rothbaum, B. RC 560 R36 F6 1998
Treating your OCD with exposure and response (ritual) prevention: Workbook Foa, E.B., Yadin, E. & Lichner, T. K. RC 533 F597 2012 WKbook
Treatment for hoarding disorder: Therapist guide Steketee, G. & Frost, R.O. RC 569.5 H63 S74 2013
Treatment for hoarding disorder: Workbook Steketee, G. & Frost, R.O. RC 569.5 H63 S74 2013 Workbook
Treatment manual for anorexia nervosa: A family-based approach Lock, J., & Grange, D.L. RC 552 A5 T745 2013 Anorexia nervosa—Handbooks, manuals, etc, Anorexia nervosa—Patients—Family relationships—Handbooks, manuals, etc
Treatment of eating disorders: A clinical handbook, The Grilo, C. M. & Mitchell, J. E. (Ed.) RC 552 E18 T744 2010
Treatment of severe behaviour disorders, The Cipani, E. (Ed.) RJ 506 B44 T74 1989
Treatment plans and interventions for bulimia and binge-eating disorder Zweig, R. D. & Leahy, R. L. RC 552 B84 Z94 2012
Treatment plans and interventions for depression and anxiety disorders Leahy, R. L., Holland, S. J. F., & McGinn, L. K. RC 537 L43 2012
Treatment plans and interventions for obsessive-compulsive disorder Rego, S. A. RC 533 R44 2016 Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Trends: In higher education Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada LA 417.5 T73 2002*
Trends: The Canadian university in profile Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada LA 417 A88 1999*
Trivium: The liberal arts of logic, grammar, and rhetoric, The Joseph, S. M. PE 1408 M568 2002
Truth about trust: How it determines success in life, love, learning, and more, The DeSteno, D. BF 575 T7 D47 2014
Twelfth measurements yearbook, The Impara, J. C. & Conoley, J. C. (Eds.) Z 5814 P8 M42 1995
Understanding motivation and emotion Reeve, J. BF 503 R44 2005
Understanding psychological research: An introduction to methods St. Jean, R. BF 76.5 S24 2001
Understanding statistics in the behavioral sciences Bakeman, R. & Robinson, B. BF 39 B325 2005
Understanding the effects of domestic violence: A handbook for early childhood educators Baker, L. J., Jaffe, P. G. & Moore, K. J. HV 6626.23 C2 B25 2001
Unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders ("Treatments that Work" series) - Therapist Guide Barlow, D. H., Farchione, T. J., Fairholme, C. P., Ellard, K. K., Boisseau, C. L., Allen, L. B., & Ehrenreich-May, J. RC 537 U547 2010
Unified protocol for transdiagnostic treatment of emotional disorders ("Treatments that Work" series) - Workbook Barlow, D. H., Farchione, T. J., Fairholme, C. P., Ellard, K. K., Boisseau, C. L., Allen, L. B., & Ehrenreich-May, J. RC 537 U547 2010 Workbook
Use it or lose it! Bragdon A. D. & Gamon D. BF 378 A33 B73 2000
Use your brain to beat memory loss: The complete guide to making the most of your memory Carter, R. BF 371 C326 2006
Using Adobe Premiere Elements 7 Adobe Systems Incorporated TR 267.5 A33 2008
Using multivariate statistics Tabachnick, B. G., & Fidell, L. S. QA 278 T3 1996
Using PFS: First Publisher Murray, K. Z 286 D47 M87 1990
Using test data in clinical practice: A handbook for mental health professionals - [ MISSING 5/23/2017 ] MacCluskie, K. C., Welfel, E. R., & Toman, S. M. RC 473 P79 M33 2002
Using the MMPI with adolescents Archer, R. BF 698.8 M5 A73 1987*
Value of psychological treatment, The Thomas, J. L., & Cummings, J. L. RA 790.6 C85 2000
Vertigo: Its multisensory syndromes Brandt, T. RB 150 V4 B73 2003
Vulnerability to psychopathology: Risk across the lifespan Ingram, R. E. & Price, J. M. (Eds.) RC 455.4 R56 V85 2010
Waste land and other poems, The - [ MISSING 5/23/2017 ] Elliot, T. S. PS 3509 L43 W3 1934
Web design in a nutshell : A desktop quick reference Niederst, J. TK 5105.888 N54 2001
Web of poverty, The Ambert, A. HV 4042 A5 A53 1998*
Weight management: A practitioner's guide Pearson, D., & Grace, C. RC 628 P36 2012
What Practitioners Should Know About Working With Older Adults Abeles, N., & American Psychological Association. BF 724 P794 1997
What's the good of counseling & psychotherapy: The benefits explained Feltham, C. BF 637 C6 W465 2002*
When Perfect isn't Good Enough: Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism Antony, M.M., & Swinson, R.P. BF 698.35 P47 A58 2009
When to use what research design Vogt, W.P., Gardner, D.C., & Haeffele, L.M. HV 62 V623 2012
Where to start and what to ask: An assessment handbook Lukas, S. RC 480.7 L85 1993
Whiplash and related headaches Swerdlow, B. RC 392 S93 1998
Why red doesn't sound like a bell: Understanding the feel of consciousness O'Regan, J.K. QP 411 O74 2011
Why we love: The nature and chemistry of romantic love Fisher, H. BF 575 L8 F53 2004*
Winter blues survival guide: A workbook for overcoming SAD Rosenthal, N. E. & Benton, C. M. RC 545 R673 2014 Workbook
WISC-IV clinical use and interpretation: Scientist-practitioner perspectives - SUPERSEDED Prifitera, A., Saklofske, D. H., & Weiss, L. G. BF 432.5 W42 W45 1998* (WISC-3 edition)
WISC-IV companion: A guide to interpretation and educational intervention, The Truch, S. BF 432.5 W42 T77 2005
WISC-V assessment and interpretation: Scientist-practitioner perspectives Weiss, L. G., Saklofske, D. H., Holdnack, J. A., & Prifitera, A. BF 432.5 W42 W45 2016 Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, Intelligence tests
Women of the second decade York University, School of Women's Studies LB 2332.3 W674 1998*
Woodcock-Johnson III: Reports, recommendations and strategies - SUPERSEDED Mather, N. & Jaffe, L. E. LB 1131.75 W66 2002
Woodcock-Johnson IV: Reports, recommendations, and strategies Mather, N., & Jaffe, L. E. LB 1131.75 W66 M389 2016 Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery