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Vineland- 3 – Pearson Q-Global 1-Year Unlimited Use Online Scoring Subscription


Vineland-3 Pearson Q-Global Annual Subscription




Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales - 3rd Edition (Vineland - 3)


1) Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales - 3rd Edition (Vineland - 3)

2) The PRC has a Vineland-3 Pearson Q-Global Scoring annual subscription. N.B Users must have set up their own Pearson Q-Global account or apply to Mary Maleki to set it up and allow sufficient time for the subscription to be assigned and re-assigned as required (48 hours advisable). Speak to Mary Maleki. No Charge for account.

3) N.B.: SCORING for the Vineland-3 is also available using Pearson Q-GLOBAL - Pearson's subscription & pay-per-report ONLINE SCORING AND REPORTING service. Speak to PRC Staff for details (Staff refer to “TEST SCORING CERTIFICATES ONLINE etc.xls” file for Passwords, Usernames, other details).


Pearson Q-Global