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  • GOOD FRIDAY – Friday, March 30, 2018 - UNIVERSITY & PRC WILL BE CLOSED
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Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF) Score Report


D-REF Score Report


Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF)


1) Delis Rating of Executive Functions (D-REF)

2) N.B.: SCORING for the D-REF is now only available using Pearson Q-GLOBAL - Pearson's pay-per-report ONLINE SCORING AND REPORTING service. Speak to PRC Staff for details (Staff refer to “TEST SCORING CERTIFICATES ONLINE etc.xls” file for Passwords, Usernames, other details) & provide users the "D-REF On-line Scoring Help Guide" - BSB 160G

3) The assessment can be administered via on screen administration (remote or local) or paper and pencil. Assessment and Scoring @ $1.00 (10 of each form type: Parent, Self, Teacher)


Pearson Q-Global