Important News & Updates

  • GOOD FRIDAY – Friday, March 30, 2018 - UNIVERSITY & PRC WILL BE CLOSED
  • Hours during current labour disruptionWe are open! Please note change in hours: 9am – 5pm effective Wednesday, March 7, 2018!
  • Please refer to & note one of our new helpsheets:

YUPC - Borrowers

To help us help you, the PRC has created a "YUPC Users' Checklist". This is designed to help YUPC borrowers avoid delays and help PRC staff more efficiently and effectively prepare and respond to your requests and use of the PRC. Please refer to it as needed and to other pages on our site.

STEP 1:  Check with the YUPC FIRST for all your YUPC assessments to obtain and confirm test(s); protocol(s); scoring report availability. Consult the "YUPC Test Library" list. Always confirm with Joanne for the most current information.

STEP 2: After checking with the YUPC and determining that the YUPC does not have the resources you require, consult the PRC catalogue(s) and then complete the PRC online "Reservation" form with your requests. The PRC test catalogue records provide full details of Commercial tests including: Description; Inventory (protocol types & versions); Publishers; etc.