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Accessing Qualtrics & Accounts

Accessing Qualtrics & Accounts

Please note that only full-time York Psychology faculty are able to create an individual Qualtrics account under this departmental license. This license is valid for one year.

***SurveyMonkey will also be available until October 31, 2017.***

Please read the steps below and then follow the link to create your individual account with Qualtrics.


  • You need to use your email account to create your Qualtrics account
  • If you already have an individual account with Qualtrics DO NOT follow the link below - please let Mary Maleki know that you have an individual account, what email address is associated with that account and we will follow up with information on how to proceed
  • Only full-time faculty can create an account at this point. If you wish to grant access to graduate students you can do so under your own account, with the understanding that you remain accountable for the usage under your account
  • Links to learning/training resources and Qualtrics support can be found here
  • We anticipate there may be current Survey Monkey users who wish to begin using Qualtrics . We strongly advise that you use the upcoming months to become familiar with Qualtrics.
  • If there is anyone who can volunteer to be a resource for beginners to Qualtrics please let Mihaela Stanescu [ ] and / or Mary Ellen Maleki [ ] know.

Click HERE to create your individual Qualtrics account

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