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Otis Quick-Scoring Mental Ability Tests


1937, 1939, 1954


The Otis Quick-Scoring Mental Ability Tests are designed to "measure mental ability - thinking power or the degree of maturity of the mind."

Age Range: 

Both Children and Adults


  • 1 Manual of Directions for Gamma Test
  • 1 Manual of Directions for Beta Test
  • 1 Form for Gamma Test: Form Bm
  • 1 Form for Beta Test: Form A
  • 1 Scoring Key for Gamma Test: Forms Am, Bm, Em and Fm
  • 1 "Tables for Deriving IQ's on" sheet
  • 1 Class Record sheet for Beta and Gamma Tests


Harcourt, Brace and World.

Qualification Level: 

Level C or 1

Test Category: 

Intelligence and Scholastic Aptitude