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Langer Mindfulness Scale (LMS)


Langer, E.




The Langer Mindfulness Scale is a 21-item questionnaire intended for use as a training, self-discovery, and research instrument. It assesses four domains associated with mindful thinking: novelty-seeking, engagement, novelty producing, and flexibility. An individual who seeks novelty perceives each situation as an opportunity to learn something new. An individual who scores high in engagement is likely to notice more details about his or her specific relationship with the environment. A novelty producing persona generates new information in order to learn more about the current situation. Flexible people welcome a changing environment rather than resist it. The LMS has been shown to have good test-retest reliability, factor validity, and construct validity.

Age Range: 

Both Children and Adults


  • 1 Manual @ $40.00
  • Test Form ("Personal Outlook Scale") @ $1.30
  • Scoring Form @ $1.00


Qualification Level: 

Level A or 3