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Guilford-Shneidman-Zimmerman Interest Survey


Guilford, J. P., Shneidman, E. & Zimmerman, W. S.




The Guilford-Schneidman-Zimmerman Interest Survey is a general survey to determine in what types of activities you are most interested. As a result of your answers to the items, it will be possible to give you more definite ideas of your fields of strongest interest. This interest inventory consists of a total of 360 items to each of which the subject responds by encircling on a separate answer sheet "D" as indicating disinterested, dislike, or don't know; "H" if the activity has appeal as a hobby; "V" if it would be acceptable as a vocation. The subject is permitted to encircle both "H" and "V" when the activity is favored in both regards. The activities are described in such terms as "Mould a statue in day," "Write newspaper editorials," "Go to dances," and "Think out the logical deductions from a scientific discovery." The items fall into nine major categories; each of these is divided into two subcategories which are scored separately. The answer sheet is so arranged that the individual completes one cycle of the 18 subcategories to a column; this permits horizontal counting of each row to obtain the "H" and "V" scores for that classification. Thus no key is necessary.

Age Range: 

Both Children and Adults




  • 1 Copy of Question Booklet
  • 1 Copy of Profile Sheet


Extra copies in BSB 158A


Sheridan Supply Co.

Qualification Level: 

Level B or 2

Test Category: