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George Washington University Social Intelligence Test - Revised Form, 2nd Edition (GWSIT)


Hunt, T., Moss, F. A., Omwake, K. T., & Woodward, L. G.




The Social Intelligence Test was designed to measure certain factors of judgment, information and memory related to dealing with people and carrying on social relationships. In school and college testing programs, the test is suggested, as a supplement to the usual types of tests, for identifying those students who are particularly good or particularly poor in the social abilities measured by the test.

The test may be helpful in identifying certain types of deficiencies in students who present problems of adjustment. In industrial and business testing program the test has been found useful in the selection and placement of employees in jobs involving interpersonal relationships, as in sales and supervisory work.

The test includes three different versions: 1) Revised Form, Second Edition (1949). This form contains the five parts: Judgment in Social Situations, Recognition of the Mental State of the Speaker, Memory for Names and Faces, Observation of Human Behaviour, and Sense of Humour. 2) Short Edition. This edition contains four parts: Judgment in Social Situations, Observation of Human Behaviour , Recognition of the Mental State of the Speaker, and Sense of Humour. Only Memory for Names and Faces Test is omitted. 3) SP (Special) Edition. Contains only the two parts: Judgment in Social Situations and Observation of Human Behaviour.

Age Range: 



Individual and Group


  • 5 Manuals
  • 27 Memory for Names and Faces sheets
  • 11 Social Intelligence Tests (Short Edition)
  • 6 Social Intelligence Tests (Special Edition)
  • 3 Social Intelligence Tests (Revised Edition) - 1 original, 2 photocopies 3 Social Intelligence Test Answer Keys (Revised Edition)
  • 3 Social Intelligence Test Answer Keys (Short Edition)
  • 3 Social Intelligence Test Answer Keys (Special Edition)


Extra forms in BSB 158A


Center for Psychological Services

Qualification Level: 

Level A or 3

Test Category: 

Personality - Non-projective