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Functional Assessment and Intervention System (FAIS)


Stoiber, K. C.




The Functional Assessment and Intervention System (FAIS) provides a comprehensive set of assessment tools, practice guides, and procedures designed to identify the intent or function of a student's challenging behaviour.


  1. General guidelines for understanding a student's behavioral challenges.
  2. Elaboration of comprehensive social competence goals.
  3. Specific protocol for documenting and using performance-based information in creating intervention strategies.
  4. Guidelines for consultees who engage in collaborative discussions about a student's social competence.
  5. Guidelines and resources related to promoting social competence in school and other settings. The function of behaviour is the purpose or intent it serves for the child, or the payoff of the behaviour. The function may be highly adaptive (e.g., to gain attention from peers), even though the form or type of behaviour (e.g., being aggressive towards peers) is inappropriate and may be associated with unsuccessful outcomes (e.g., peer rejection). The distinguishing feature of a functional assessment is that it enables teachers, parents, professionals, and interdisciplinary teams to formulate intervention plans based on a comprehensive understanding of a child's needs rather than the topography of the behaviour (i.e., what it looks like).

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  • FAIS Manual @$100.00
  • 25 Record Forms @$3.00/each
  • 25 Social Competence Performance Checklist @ $1.75/each


1) *Assessment Course

2) Extra forms in BSB 158A


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Level B or 2

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Behaviour Assessment