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Friedman Well-Being Scale


Friedman, P. H.




The Friedman Well-Being Scale consists of twenty bi-popular adjectives. It is easy to administer, score, and interpret. It can be scored for an overall measure of well-being, the Friedman Well-Being Composite, and for five subscales: emotional stability; self-esteem/self-confidence; joviality; sociability; and happiness. Norms exists for a clinical, college, and community population. It correlates significantly in the expected directions with over 100 clinical, personality, attitudinal, stress, relational, marital and interpersonal scales and subscales. The results can be interpreted in terms of the COPERS model and BETSI-Hi lens of well-being discussed in the comprehensive, professional manual. The Friedman Well-Being Scale can easily be used to track changes over time during psychotherapy or during other intervention modalities such as addiction, self-help groups, personal growth of self-esteem programs, etc.

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Level A or 3

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Personality - Non-projective