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Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale (CPIC), The


Grych, John H., Seid, Michael, and Fincham, Frank D.




The Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale (CPIC) assesses children and adolescent's views of several aspects of marital conflict. It consists of 51 items on nine subscales (Frequency; Intensity; Resolution; Content; Perceived Threat; Coping Efficacy; Self - Blame; Triangulation; and Stability). 3 factor analytically derived subscales (Conflict Properties, Threat, Self-Blame) demonstrated acceptable levels of internal consistency and test-retest reliability.


  • 2 copies of source article


1) Grych, J.H., Seid, M., and Fincham, F.D. (1992). Assessing marital conflict from the child's perspective: The children's perception of Interparental conflict scale. Child Development, 63, (3), 558-572.


Qualification Level: 

Level A or 3

Test Category: 

Personality - Non-projective