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Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV (ADIS-IV) - Adult and Lifetime Versions - SUPERSEDED


Brown, A., Barlow, A., & DiNardo, P.




The most recent version of this test is Anxiety and Related Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV (ADIS-5) - Adult & Lifetime Versions

The Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for DSM-IV (ADIS-IV) was designed for adults suffering from anxiety disorder. The ADIS helps you to diagnose the full range of specific anxiety disorders. Fully compatible with DSM-IV, these programs elicit detailed information to assist in differential diagnosis. The adult interview helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of your clients and specific diagnoses for their anxiety disorders. Current mood disorders, substance abuse disorders, or selected somatoform disorders. The lifetime version establishes previous diagnoses, a diagnostic timeline and a relative sequence of past disorders and corresponding life events.

Age Range: 





1 Complete Kit:

  • 1 ADIS Adult and Lifetime Version Clinician Manual
  • 1 ADIS Adult Version Client Interview Schedule
  • 1 ADIS Lifetime Version Client Interview Schedule


BSB 158A


Qualification Level: 

Level B or 2

Test Category: 

Personality - Non-projective